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  • CamLock 1" Female Coupler X 1" Hose Barb Poly CamLever | 100C

CamLever 1" Female Coupler X 1" Hose Barb Poly Coupling | 100C

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Product Description

CamLock (D) 1" Female Coupler X 1" Hose Barb Polypropylene CamLever Coupling | 100C

D Series: 1" Female Coupler X 1" Hose Shank

Locking system provides an enhanced safety feature that allows fast and easy connecting & disconnecting of nozzles & hoses while 
reducing the possibility of unintentional spillage and leaks. 


  • Versatile — interchangeable with all types of cam lever couplers
  • Precision molded — insures a uniform and accurate fit
  • Durable — Polypropylene is glass filled for rugged strength and durability
  • Stainless steel rings, arms and pins
  • Economical and superior in performance
  • Smooth operating - finger rings are designed for easy opening of cam levers
  • Max PSI 300
  • Standard EPDM Gasket 

EPDM Gasket: An excellent choice for a wide range of chemicals at the most affordable direction.

  • Advantages: Excellent resistance to heat; ozone and sunlight; very good flexibility at low temperatures; good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents; superior resistance to water and steam; excellent color stability.
  • Limitations: Poor resistance to oil; gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents; adhesion to fabrics and metal is poor.

Operating Conditions:

  • 3/8" thru 2" — 100 P.S.I. at 0°F; 125 P.S.I. at 70°F; 70 P.S.I. at 150°F.
  • 2½", 3" & 4" Cap-50 P.S.I.; Couplings 75 P.S.I. max.


  • ¼",⅜" and ½" series couplings interchange with ¾" size couplings. Coupling ends are ¾" size.
  • 1¼" series couplings interchange with 1" size couplings. Coupling ends are 1" size.
  • 1½" x 1¼" couplings interchange with 1½" size couplings. Coupling ends are 1½" size.

WARNING:  Couplings should not be disconnected under pressure or with liquid in the line.



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