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Livestock & Fencing

Barbed Wire Fence

Fences are the skin of your farm; they keep out what you don’t want getting in, and they keep in what you don’t want getting out. They protect your livestock from predators and thieves. They can help deflect the worst of weather’s effects on your property. They maintain property lines, letting your neighbors know where to start or stop their planting. They even act as guidelines in those areas where finding your way around may be difficult due to a lack of definitive landmarks.

Fortunately for the farmer, technology over the past two centuries has come pretty close to perfecting the lowly, common fencing wire, the most important component of any farm fencing setup. With the invention of barbed wire in 1867, both animal care and husbandry were revolutionized -- it allowed ranchers to expand on a much larger scale than was previously possible and made the cost of installing fence much more affordable to the average farmer. In addition, the industrial process of manufacturing farm equipment has progressed significantly, allowing for widespread availability of necessities like electric wire and energizers. Installation work has improved too, with new inventions & tools making the manual work easier and less time-consuming.

Barbed Wire Fence

No matter how you primarily use your fences, they will always be multifunctional devices. As such, it’s always important to maintain your fences for the worst of what nature (and sometimes people) can throw at them. Livestock, weather, and accidents can all take a toll on the condition of your fencing system. It’s in a farmer’s best interest to take good care of their fences, and Barndoor Ag can help with that.

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