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Pets & Wildlife

An important part of agricultural and gardening work is working with animals. Birds, squirrels, and other wildlife can act as natural pest deterrents, eliminating everything from mice to termites that can interfere with your valuable crops and beautiful gardens. Of course, they’re interesting to admire too. That is why Barndoor Ag is happy to supply a wide variety of pet supply products for homes and farms, including bird feeders, bird baths, and so much more.

Do you want to provide a cute home for a fascinating winged species? Shop below for a specially crafted bird house or owl nesting box and see for yourself how many beautiful birds stop by your property. You can even invite expert pollinators by hanging a hummingbird feeder over your porch or off a light post.

We also offer accessories to help you maintain your pet products, like bird bath de-icers, nectar refills specialized for different bird species, and cleaning products to keep birds coming back for more. And, if you’re interested in squirrels, try our squirrel feed, which is specialized to attract them and keep them full so they don’t pester your garden. Shop our wide selection below and you’re sure to find some incredible products at low prices.