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AgraTronix 12.0 Joule - ULTRA Low Impedance Fence Energizer | PW12000

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AgraTronix 12.0 Joule - ULTRA Low Impedance Fence Energizer  | PW12000

Engineering and Technology Leaders in the Fence Energizer Industry Keeping cows, cattle and other livestock safely within the confines of a fence is of critical importance to farmers and ranchers. Although there are many solutions, the electric fence has proven the most effective. To contrary belief, barbed and woven wires can be harmful and more expensive when it comes to corralling livestock. Electric fencing is the most cost-effective, safe and easy-to-maintain solution for protecting your cattle. Weeds and the condition of the earth can impede the flow
of electrical current.

Plug-in - The most consistent, effective and cost effective power source is a 110V plug-in outlet. If the fenced area is close enough to access an electrical outlet, you will want to consider a plug-in fence charger. The Power Wizard plug-in electric fence charger models are available in a wide range of power sizes up to 2,400 acres.

PW12000 Plug-In Fence Energizer (For 110V plug-in units)

  • Energizes Up to 200 Miles of fence wire under optimal conditions
  • Acres up to 1,200
  • For use in moderate to heavy vegetation conditions
  • 110V Plug-In, 12.0 Output Joules 
  • Ultra Low Impedance Technology 
  • For use with high tensile wire, poly-wire, poly-tape, poly-rope and poly-braid
  • 3 year limited 
  • Controls many types of livestock including: cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, llama, elk, bear

The PW12000 Plug-In Fence Energizer will quickly connect to any new or existing fence line to provide 24/7 Protection. Power Wizard Technology equals more power across your fence.