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AgraTronix .15 Joule ULTRA-Low Impedance 12V Solar Fence Energizer | PW100S

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AgraTronix .15 Joule - ULTRA Low Impedance 12V Solar Fence Energizer  | PW100S

Energize the fence corralling your dairy cows or beef cattle and save electrical costs with our complete line of Solar Powered models. Just like our plug-in models, the Power Wizard Ultra low impedance, solar powered electric fence chargers deliver one pulse of shock power per second to your dairy cows or beef cattle. The Power Wizard Solar powered models are available for dairy farms, hobby farms, or cattle ranches from one acre to 100 acres.

Power Wizard Solar Electric Fence Charger Offers Many Benefits:

  • Solar powered fence energizers are perfect for remote areas of your cattle ranch or dairy farm where an electrical current isn't readily available.
  • No on-going costs for electricity or replacement batteries.
  • Solar electric fence chargers offer flexibility for circumstances where fencing is moved to new growth pasture areas.
  • Power outages will not impact the solar powered fence charger's ability to keep your dairy cows and/or beef cattle safely corralled.
  • Most solar power fence chargers retain the sun's energy even through a series of cloudy or inclement weather days; continuing to provide adequate energy to keep cattle in and predators out.
  • Environmentally friendly solar power helps conserve energy usage.

PW100S Solar Fence Energizer (For Solar Units):

  • Energizes up to 10 Miles of fence wire under optimal conditions
  • Up to 25 Acres
  • For use in moderate to heavy vegetation conditions
  • Solar Power, 0.15 Output Joules
  • 12V Battery included
  • Ultra Low Impedance Technology
  • Mounts quickly with the included mounting hardware
  • For use with high tensile wire, poly-wire, poly-tape, poly-rope, and poly-braid
  • Controls many types of livestock including: horses, cow, pig, sheep

The PW100S Solar Fence Energizer will quickly connect to any new or existing fence line to provide 24/7 Solar Protection. The included 12V Battery equals more power across your fence and will keep your fence line charged longer.