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AgraTronix 24.0 Joule - ULTRA Low Impedance "Smart" Fence Energizer w. LED | FP24000XR

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AgraTronix 24.0 Joule - ULTRA Low Impedance  "Smart" Fence Energizer w. LED  | FP24000XR

Power Wizard Electric Fence Charger– The Optimal Plug-In Solution

Power Wizard shock technology plug-in models provide 110v of energy to contain cattle and keep predators out! Select a plug in model based on acreage, animal type and miles of wire. Whether you are protecting a single acre hobby farm or energizing wire fence to encompass 2,400 acres, there is a Power Wizard Ultra low impedance model to meet your needs.

Additional Questions to Ask to Effectively Contain your Cows and other Farm Animals

There are a number of ways you can determine the right Power Wizard electric fence charger for your dairy farm, cattle ranch or hobby farm. Ask yourself:

  • How many acres of my ranch will be enclosed by the electric fence? You will need to consider the size and shape of your farm. A square acre requires less miles of wire than a rectangular area of fencing.
  • How many miles of wire were used to enclose the cattle or dairy cows? Most dairy farmers purchase their wire on spools ¼ mile in length. How many spools were needed to enclose your cattle ranch?
  • What output joules are required for the specific livestock; sheep, cows, cattle, etc.? The larger the animal and the larger the area enclosed, the more output joules are necessary.
  • Predators are another consideration when building your electric fence. Energizing the top wire helps deter your dairy cows, beef cattle and other livestock from breaking through the fence and the powered lower wires will keep trespassers and predators like the feral hog from gaining access to your dairy farm, cattle ranch or hobby farm.

Unprecedented Power Wizard Electric Fence Charger Three Year "No Hassle" Warranty

As with our complete line of energizer products, the Power Wizard plug-in models are warranted for three full years from the date of purchase if for any reason they do not provide consistent shock pulses along the length of your wire fence. The warranty also covers damage to the energizer caused by lightning and voltage strikes.

FP24000XR Fence Voltage Indicator This Electric Fence Energizer features a Fence Voltage Indicator that displays the voltage being distributed to the fence from the energizer output terminals. The Fence Voltage Indicator is color-coded and labeled to make it easy to determine the voltage and condition of the fence. To determine the fence voltage or condition, simply find the highest reading indicated by the lights on the display.

  • 2,000 & Below to 3,000 Volts: Voltage in the red range indicates the fence is heavily loaded.
  • 4,000 to 5,000 Volts: Voltage in the yellow range indicates the fence is moderately loaded.
  • 6,000 to 10,000 & Above Volts: Voltage in the green range indicates the fence is lightly loaded.

FP24000XR Plug-In Fence Energizer (For 110V plug-in units)

  • Energizes Up to 400 Miles of fence wire under optimal conditions
  • Acres up to 2,4000
  • For use in moderate to heavy vegetation conditions
  • 110V Plug-In, 24.0 Output Joules 
  • Fence Voltage Indicator that is color-coded and labeled to make it easy to determine the voltage being distributed to the fence

  • One of the most powerful energizers manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Shocks through wet and heavy vegetation for the toughest electric fence conditions

  • Controls large animals, exotics, wildlife and large fences 
  • Ultra Low Impedance Technology 
  • For use with high tensile wire, poly-wire, poly-tape, poly-rope and poly-braid
  • Remote Control Compatible
  • 3 year limited 
  • Controls many types of livestock including: cow, horses, pigs, sheep, llama, elk, bear

The FP24000XR Plug-In Fence Energizer will quickly connect to any new or existing fence line to provide 24/7 Protection. Power Wizard Technology equals more power across your fence.