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AgraTronix DHT-1 24" Portable Hay Moisture Meter | 07101

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Product Manual:
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Download PDF
Moisture Range:
14.4% to 44%
Temperature Range:
32° to 225°F

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AgraTronix DHT-1 24" Portable Hay Moisture Meter | 07101

After the baling process, hay is stacked and awaits sale. Testing at this stage is vital for the same reasons that stood prior to
the baling process. With a hand-held electronic probe tester, such as the AgraTronix HT-PROTM or DHT-1TM, you are able to
simply insert the probe into the bale and determine its moisture level. Probes come in a variety of lengths, 18”, 20”, 24”, and
32”, giving you flexibility along with reliability.

Features (Updated 2022)
• Direct readout for moisture % and temperature (°F and °C)
• Sturdy pistol-grip handle with extra-rugged probe shaft made from aircraft aluminum
• The moisture and temperature are now live readings instead of one average reading per test
• Improved display with greater visibility
• Added graphical symbols for greater information readability
• Higher temperature accuracy when probing bales
• New style tip made from Stainless Steel for increase strength and durability
• Increased battery life
• Direct temperature reading F or C user selectable
• Improved moisture calibration

• Moisture range: 14% - 44% depending on hay tested
• Temperature range: 32° - 225° F (0° - 107° C)
• Accurate throughout the normal range of stored, baled hay
• Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
• 9V battery required

Replacement Probes
18” Probe – Part No. 07018
24” Probe – Part No. 07024
32” Probe – Part No. 07032