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AgraTronix DHT-1 24" Portable Hay Moisture Meter | 07101

2.60 LBS
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Product Manual:
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Download PDF
Moisture Range:
14.4% to 44%
Temperature Range:
32° to 225°F

AgraTronix DHT-1 24" Portable Hay Moisture Meter | 07101

Proper moisture levels during baling are essential to produce better quality hay and reduce economic losses. Baling hay at the correct moisture levels reduces mold development, and helps to preserve the color and feed value of hay. Testing the moisture content of hay prior to the baling process is essential to both seller and buyer. Moisture in hay is considered in three different forms, free water, physically trapped water, and bound water. The free and physically trapped water can be evaporated given proper conditions that include solar radiation, relative humidity, and time.


  • Direct readout for % moisture and temperature (°F and °C)
  • Backlit LCD display for nighttime use
  • Sturdy pistol-grip handle with extra-rugged probe shaft made of aircraft aluminum
  • 24” probe 


  • Moisture range: 14.4% to 44% depending on hay tested
  • Temperature range: 32° to 225°F (0° to 107°C)
  • Accurate throughout the normal range of stored, baled hay
  • Display resolution: 0.1% moisture
  • 9 volt battery not included