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AgraTronix Splicing Sleeve | C-6

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AgraTronix Splicing Sleeve | C-6

Keeping cows, cattle, and other livestock safely within the confines of a fence is of critical importance to farmers and ranchers. Although there are many solutions, the electric fence has proven the most effective. To contrary belief, barbed and woven wires can be harmful and more expensive when it comes to corralling livestock. Electric fencing is the most cost-effective, safe, and easy-to-maintain solution for protecting your cattle. Weeds and the condition of the earth can impede the flow of electrical current.


  • FARM FENCING EQUIPMENT: Commercial fencing needs extending fencing wires. Increasing length of electrical fence line is often done via splicing wires. Using tools like a splice sleeve ensures current transmission is uninterrupted and spliced connections remain strong.
  • SPLICING ACCESSORY: Agriculture fences often suffer from damaged wires that break the flow of current. This is when fencing wire splice helps. With this sleeve, the spliced ends are kept in the optimal position and the splicing connection is protected.
  • WIRE CONNECTOR SLEEVE: This wire sleeve is more effective than other wire splice connector methods - wire links or hand knotting. This wire connection sleeve maintains structural integrity of spliced wire ends, as it has high resistance to the outdoor elements.
  • HIGH UTILITY: Splicing sleeves are designed to perform in the toughest conditions. With high temperature, weather and electrical insulation, it protects the spliced connection. Easy to identify, the sleeve makes it easy to count the number of splicing connections.
  • Used to splice two wires 12.5 ga. smooth wire.
  • 25/Clam