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AMS Soil Recovery Plated Turf Probe | 427.24

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AMS Soil Recovery Plated Turf Probe 

Minimize damage to turf with the small diameter turf probe.
The AMS Turf Probe has been designed to collect a 1/2" x 7" soil sample from grass and turf. The small diameter helps you minimize damage to your greens, and the slot of the turf probe allows for easy visual inspection, emptying and cleaning. The one-piece probe is made of nickel-plated carbon steel and has a built-in, corrosion resistant, 10" rubber-gripped cross handle. The sturdy design resists bending and twisting. The heat-treated, oversized tip cuts a soil core that is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the turf probe to minimize sidewall friction, and the top of the slot is closed to prevent turf, grass, or soil from being trapped or compacted in the upper section of the probe body.