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5 Top Places To Get Sprayer Parts

5 Top Places To Get Sprayer Parts

Jul 22nd 2021

A recent study showed that you can increase your crop yield by as much as 60% by using the correct fertilizer. So, it's easy to see how sprayers for fertilizers and pesticides are a vital part of any farming operation or gardening endeavor.

These hardworking pieces of agricultural equipment don't last forever though. You'll need to replace your sprayer parts regularly if you want them to perform at their best.

These are the top brands to consider whether you're looking for garden sprayer parts or hardwearing agricultural sprayer parts.

1. Banjo Corporation

Banjo's known for its innovative spray accessories designs, precise manufacturing, and skillful engineering. These parts comprise glass-reinforced polypropylene, injection-molded to suit the purpose.

This material has several properties that make it well-suited to sprayer applications. This is particularly evident when it's reinforced with fiberglass. These are:

  • Chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Low mass
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Low moisture absorption

The collection of Banjo valves specifically designed for sprayers includes pinch valves, port valves, nozzle valves, ball valves, and electric valves. In addition, the full port ball valve is available with a stainless-steel finish.

Banjo also manufactures a range of garden hose fittings, tank sprayer parts, and application fittings like:

  • Pipe crosses
  • Plugs
  • Barb tees
  • Hose menders
  • T and Y strainers
  • Tank flanges
  • Flowmeters

With the self-calibrating flow meters, you can track how much water, fertilizer, or pesticide you're filling your sprayer with.

2. FlowZone Sprayer Parts

FlowZone backpack sprayers offer outstanding convenience and portability, thanks to battery-powered technology. FlowZone is one of the brands created by WESSOL, known for its high-quality products.

The company's headquartered in North Carolina in Charlotte. So, you know you can count on American quality manufacturing when you buy these products.

FlowZone supplies the full range of replacement parts for its sprayers via reputable online dealers

Flowzone Sprayers

These include:

  • Microswitches
  • Hoses
  • Dual-pressure power switches
  • Circuit boards
  • Triggers
  • Nozzles

Thanks to this, you can fix your Flowzone sprayer yourself, and enjoy the use of it for many years.

3. TeeJet Sprayer Parts

TeeJet's among the world's foremost suppliers of precision farm technology and spray applications. TeeJet sprayer parts include nozzles, valves, control systems, tips strainers, and nozzle bodies.

The brand's best-known for its variety of options when it comes to spray nozzles. These types of sprayer supplies include applications for:

  • Pre- and post-emergence herbicides
  • Band and broadcast applications
  • Contact or systemic fungicides and insecticides

They supply flat fans and standard nozzles available with special features like drift reduction, extended range, and air induction nozzle tips. What's more, you can choose from a range of materials when selecting the ideal nozzle tip for your needs.

You can choose either single outlet nozzles or those with up to five outlets when you opt for a TeeJet nozzle body. Flowmeter options include standard flow meters, those with multiple hose barb sizes, and rapid check flow meters.

Do you need selective control or boom sprayers? TeeJet offers various control valves including:

  • Electrically operated solenoid valves
  • Standard control valves
  • 3-way manual bypass valves
  • Pressure-relief valves
  • 2-way manual shutoff valves

The innovative flow back valve offers rapid shut-off functionality to improve the accuracy of spraying operations.

TeeJet spray guns are ideal for tree spraying, livestock spraying, spot spraying, and power washing. The spray guns operate at pressures up to 800 psi. You can also choose from brass, nylon, Teflon, aluminum, stainless steel, and polypropylene spray guns.

After almost 80 years in business, TeeJet's accumulated tremendous expertise in the areas of fertilizing, spraying, and seeding, so they can offer extensive technical solutions for your agricultural business.

4. Hypro Sprayer Parts

Like TeeJet, Hypro pumps have been around since, 1947, giving them plenty of time to master the art of pump and spray technology.

Today, this well-established brand offers transfer pumps, multiple roller pumps, spraying components, spray tips, nozzles, and SHURflo products. These pumps suit a wide range of industries including car washes, high-pressure cleaning, pest control, and agriculture.

In addition to pumps, Hypro manufactures a variety of spraying components and spray tips. These include:

  • Drift reducing tips
  • Air inclusion flat-fan tip
  • Boom X-tender tips
  • Ultra low-drift flat-fan tips
  • Valves and valve kits
  • Gauges
  • Tank lids

Apart from superb products, Hypro prides itself on offering superior service.

5. Raven Industries

Altogether, Raven Industries supplies over 8,000 different solutions for a huge range of industries.

When it comes to sprayers, Raven Industries applied technology division supplies GPS sprayer controls to help improve yields and reduce costs for the agricultural industry.

Flow meters help farmers measure flow rates for a wide range of chemicals and fertilizers thanks to an electronic transducer. Situated inside the flow meter housing, this mechanism monitors turbine rotation to ensure efficient delivery.

These digital signals interface with electronic flow devices or electronic totalizers, giving readouts in liters or gallons as preferred.

The valves offer simple serviceability and maintenance, whether you're dealing with a hydraulic, control, or boom valve.

Check valves for direct injection systems prevent chemical flow toward the tank, while hydraulic valves regulate hydraulic flow to the pump.

Raven's applied technology systems offer excellent compatibility with all the most popular brands of sprayer systems.

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