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6 Uses of an ATV Sprayer and How it Will Make Your Work Easier

6 Uses of an ATV Sprayer and How it Will Make Your Work Easier

Aug 4th 2020

ATV Sprayers

Did you know that almost 60 million acres of land are irrigated every year in the US? This is done using large sprayers as well as automatic irrigation systems. Using a large sprayer for agricultural irrigation can be effective, but what if you don't have the money to rent such an expensive piece of equipment?

In this case, you'd probably do well with an ATV sprayer. These are portable sprayers that can be bought at a smaller price. They have numerous advantages and are suitable for both small and large fields. Keep reading to find out the full benefits of an ATV sprayer.

1. You Can Spray Next to Waterways

As you probably already know, the land close to a lake or river can be quite muddy. It's dangerous to bring a large sprayer close to this type of terrain because it might get stuck. If you don't want to spend half a day trying to move a stuck sprayer, go for an ATV one.

ATV sprayers are much lighter. They attach to the back of a standard ATV and don't add a lot of weight. You can move freely around waterways and spray the terrain without worrying that you might get stuck. Also, ATVs have a better turning circle, so you'll be able to spray more accurately. 

2. You Can Spray in Tight Corners and Hardly Accessible Places

A large sprayer is efficient in the middle of the field. Around the corners and edges, you need to be an experienced farmer to be able to spray these areas efficiently. However, your job would be much easier if you have an ATV sprayer.

Similar to spraying next to waterways, ATV sprayers also do well with corners and tight places. You can back up in a tight corner and use the ATV as a spot sprayer. You can also move the ATV around more efficiently to cover more ground when necessary.

The same situation is true for spraying on wet land. An ATV sprayer allows you to spray a field that has been recently rained on. Since this piece of equipment is very light, it will not get stuck in wet terrain and you can also cover a lot of distance in a short period of time.

3. You Can Spray Easier Around Power Lines and Other Obstacles

One of the worst things that can happen to a farmer is to get his spraying machine stuck in a power line. This doesn't only damage the equipment, but it also damages a central element of the electrical grid. If you want to have a less stressful spraying experience, use an ATV sprayer.

An ATV is much nimbler and easier to control than a large sprayer. You can simply move along the power lines and spray the areas around them without worrying that you might get stuck. Even if you accidentally brush a power line, this won't do much damage to your ATV or the electrical pole.

Some fields also feature large stones or other types of objects. Spraying with a large machine can be difficult in this case, but an ATV can save the day and give you more peace of mind.

4. ATV Sprayers Come in Various Sizes and Buying Options

You might be happy to find out that today's ATV sprayers are very varied and practical. For example, you can find them featuring a capacity of 15, 20, or 25 gallons. Some of them have high pumping powers of up to 1 gallon per second, so they are suitable for all kinds of field jobs and terrains.

On top of that, these sprayers can be easily attached to the back of your ATV. They are connected to 12V batteries and can be operated for hours. When you finish spraying, you just come back to base to load more. The ATV makes your trips to and from the field much easier and faster.

There are different types of ATV spray models on the market, so make sure that you know what you need right from the start. Set a budget and buy from a reputable brand. These pieces of equipment also come with warranty periods, so you're covered in case of malfunction.

5. ATV Sprayers Can Be Driven by Anyone

Another great advantage of ATVs is that they can be driven by almost anyone regardless of farming experience or skill. You just hop into the ATV and get the job done in hours. This makes them more accessible to farms across the country because workers don't need to pass a certain test to drive a large sprayer.

Apart from finishing the job quicker, ATV sprayers are also more entertaining to use. You get to breathe fresh air as there is no enclosed cabin around you. The ATV can make sharp turns and achieve higher speeds than a conventional sprayer and this makes it more fun to drive.

6. ATV Sprayers Are Ideal for a Wide Variety of Field Jobs

Thanks to the fact that spray ATVs are so nimble and versatile, they can be used for different types of jobs in the field. For example, some farmers use them for spot treatment for weeds. Others use them for irrigation purposes in places where a large sprayer cannot reach.

Farmers also use an ATV sprayer to distribute pesticides or fertilizers in the field. You can create any mixture of water, fertilizer, and other products to be sprayed on your crops. Since the tanks are so spacious (around 25 gallons or more), you don't need to come back that often to refill the tank.

Now You Know the Full Benefits of Agricultural ATV Sprayers

As you can see, ATV sprayers can be successfully used for agricultural purposes and they can make your job more efficient. Make sure that you spend some time deciding on what type of sprayer you need since you're going to use it for years to come.

If you want a quick list of high-quality ATV sprayers then make sure that you check out our collection. These sprayers fit most ATV on the market, they have been tested by hundreds of farmers before, and they come at affordable prices.