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An Overview of Continental NH3 Products

An Overview of Continental NH3 Products

Nov 22nd 2022

A survey in 2021 revealed that there were 2.01 million US farms with 895 million acres of land. Although, maintaining an area of land in any agricultural business means you need to have the best products.

The agricultural product market is full of options, but that doesn't mean they are sustainable and worth their value. That's why continental NH3 products are the only choice for anyone running a farm.

If you've clicked on this article, you want to learn more about continental NH3 products and why they are the best option for rural land and farm work. Thankfully, you've come to the right place for your answers.

So, keep reading to discover all the benefits and choices for continental NH3 products.

What Are Continental NH3 Products?

Continental NH3 products have been manufacturing NH3 equipment for decades. These products include valves, fittings, and couplings. But what is NH3?

NH3 is the term used to describe Anhydrous Ammonia, a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen. For safety, all NH3 valves must be air-tested at 350 PSI minimum and often made from stainless steel or iron.

NH3 fittings are also tested so they can work with zinc and aluminum.

Plus, NH3 fuel is the leading alternative fuel choice. This is because this fuel is easy to store and low-cost, making it ideal for keeping on large properties without taking up too much space.

These products also have no propane, which makes them less of a fire risk, and can be used for several agricultural parts.

The Best NH3 Products

There are hundreds of options for NH3, which cover everything from the best valves and adapters. 

So, here are the top 3 NH3 products.

Continental NH3 1 Globe & Angle Valve | B-1350

This NH3 product is made to maximize flow efficiency to boost performance and productivity. You can use this valve on nurse tanks and other field storage tanks.

You can use this valve for a long time without breaking, and it can be bought at a great affordable price.

Continental NH3 1 Inlet 7- 1/8 Outlet Ports Manifold | A-MVD-7a201

This manifold removes the need for a plugged opening, as it can be made for custom applications to the exact number of outlets. You can use this on various equipment, making it a great versatile choice.

Depending on your preference, you can also pick this model in several designs and sizes.

Continental NH3 1 2 Bolt Clamp Coupling | 16-Cl

Next on the list is this fantastic coupling that can be used with an Anhydrous Ammonia Hose, including the most recent designs and models. Therefore, you can fit it with a new hose without struggling to find parts.

The stem is made from stainless steel, and the clamp is made from ductile iron, which means you will have a strong, durable product after making this purchase.

When buying this clamp, you can also find instructions on the website to help you navigate the setup process if you're new to using couplings. Plus, you can buy several for larger farms as it's low-cost.

So, you can make a batch order or try out one on your small farm to see how it works.

In addition to these NH3 products, you can also find more such as:

  • NH3 controls
  • NH3 manifolds
  • NH3 flow dividers
  • NH3 repair and replacement parts

But, you must ensure that you buy them from a respectable seller who has tested the products for safety and quality. Otherwise, you could invest in a faulty product that falls apart within a few weeks.

Benefits of NH3 Products

Compared to other products in the agricultural industry, NH3 designs are a better investment. So, what are the benefits of these products?

Firstly, the production of NH3 is flexible as it can be sourced through wind, solar, and other natural elements, which means the products do less harm to the environment when manufactured.

Using NH3 products is also cost-effective as it requires less money to source the materials for the models.

This is great for large agricultural businesses that require hundreds of pieces of equipment and want to stay within budget.

Likewise, the low-cost advantage will also benefit small farms and hobby gardeners who don't want to invest too much money into their products but still want high-quality equipment.

Another reason to buy NH3 products is that they are frequently available online and in stores. You don't need to spend hours searching for a seller; you can find one with a quick internet search.

Therefore, if you need a repair or replacement part, you can get one easily without any hassle. This material is becoming more popular, so that the demand will keep it in production for a long time.

Tips for Looking After Your Equipment

Above all else, you must look after your NH3 equipment correctly to stay in good condition. You should be cautious about defects on nurse tanks, even if you don't own them but rent them.

It's also important to regularly inspect your equipment and clean them with non-corrosive products.

Generally, you should check the pressure gauge and liquid level gauge every time you use a nurse tank or other piece of large equipment.

Never use a machine if the gauge is faulty, as this could risk your health and the health of your employees. You can always ask your seller for advice and recommendations when looking for repair parts.

That way, you'll get what you need and be able to fix a broken piece of equipment quickly.

Buy NH3 Equipment Today

You won't need to look far to find continental NH3 products, but you might not see all the items you're looking for. Our range of NH3 products offers you everything you need, and we're happy to give recommendations.

Buying agricultural equipment can be easy with the right business. That's why we pride ourselves on being able to deliver to anyone, including rural areas that are hard to find.

So, make an order here and enjoy our new NH3 products this year.

If you have any further questions, let us know and contact our customer service team.