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Calibrate Your Sprayer This Farming Season

Calibrate Your Sprayer This Farming Season

Apr 2nd 2019

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s important to get your field sprayer ready for the season. Perform a thorough inspection of all components for a successful operation. Following the inspection, it’s important to calibrate your sprayer. Inaccuracies in spraying can often be linked to improper sprayer calibrations.

Calibrating your sprayer will help you identify worn spray nozzle tips and ensures a higher accuracy when spraying. It’s highly recommended to perform an initial calibration as well as routine checks for optimal performance; sprayer calibration should be part of your sprayer’s ongoing maintenance.

Click Here to watch a quick video about the SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator SC-1


Boom sprayer calibrations used to be a pen and paper exercise, but not anymore. The SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrators provide automatic spray tip flow rates in 10 seconds or less per tip. Two models are available, the SC-1 model is best for flow rates below 1 GPM whereas the SC-4 is ideal for flow rates between 1-4 GPM. Whatever your need is, the SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrator will quickly determine true spray tip flow rate to best allow you to calibrate your sprayer and check for nozzle wear.

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