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Everything You Need to Know About Banjo Valves

Everything You Need to Know About Banjo Valves

Dec 10th 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Banjo Valves

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Do you know what goes into your ball valve? Read on to learn about Banjo valves. 

What Is a Banjo Valve?

Since its beginnings as Terra-Knife in 1959, Indiana-based Banjo Liquid Handling Products provides agriculture and industry with fluid handling products like valves, fittings, and pumps. Banjo is a large manufacturer of specialty parts with a capacity of 17,000 valves per day.

Banjo is named for the original owner's love of the instrument and the strong resemblance between the handle of the company's ball valve and a banjo.

Banjo takes pride in its high quality builds, sturdy, long-lasting materials and superior engineering. A Banjo valve is strong, easy to install and made to last

Types of Banjo Products

High-quality Banjo products are made of glass-reinforced polypropylene. They can withstand heat, cold and harsh farm conditions. There are more than 1,500 items in the Banjo catalog. If you need to know about Banjo valves or electric valves, they carry extensive documentation and experienced support for their products.

In addition to valves, Banjo products include IBC/tank accessories, cam lever couplings, dry-mates, manifold flange connections, Line strainers, pipe fittings, and pumps.

Why Choose Banjo Valves?

Banjo specializes in injection-molded parts. Their inventory of valves is extensive. It includes ball, nozzle, check valves and electric valves among others.

Banjo valves boast several enhanced characteristics that make them superior to other types of valves. The reinforced polypropylene fittings and valves resist chemicals and corrosion. This reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Banjo valves are not prone to premature wear. They are resistant to impact and temperature stress. They are rigid and lightweight. They do not absorb moisture and resist cracking.

About Banjo Valves

Banjo ball valves use a ball-shaped disc to control fluid flow between pipes. A hole in the center of the disc opens and closes to allow material flow through the system.

The hole is open when the handle is in line with the input pipe attached to the valve, and closed when it is perpendicular. The size of the inner diameter of the connecting pipeline or tubing determines the speed of the flow.

A standard or reduced port valve is a valve where the diameter of the aperture in the ball disc is smaller than the pipe itself. This smaller diameter results in a reduced flow coming through the valve. A full port valve has a hole in the ball disc the same diameter as the connected pipe.

Banjo ball valves for agricultural use come in four and six bolt designs. They include many features such as full or standard ports, ANSI, stubby, and 3-way options. Their proprietary "Dry Mate" Dry Disconnect ball valves are an industry standard.

Banjo Supports Their Products

From founder/entrepreneur Jack Canine, in 1959 to the present, Banjo takes pride in working with customers to create the right improvements and solutions to farm challenges. The first product was a fertilizer knife to better apply anhydrous ammonia.

Mr. Canine saw a problem and found a solution. Since then, the company has survived to extend their problem-solving abilities into other industries and product lines. In 2019, Banjo launched its EVX electric valve line for space-constrained systems.

Designed for uses such as control of a liquid filling from an external source, control of liquid distribution within a system, and control of liquid fertilizer and chemical applications. The EVX line represents continuing innovation.

Banjo supplies products to every corner of the world through a network of authorized distributors. In addition, their years of experience solving real-world problems mean that Banjo has a robust community connected by social media and online forums to share advice.

Banjo products are well documented and product manuals are written in plain English. They also produce regular YouTube education videos.

Unbeatable Quality Assurance

Banjo valves pass a rigorous quality assurance protocol. The part specification tolerance is one ten-thousandths of an inch. More than 98% of parts pass on the first pass. The quality assurance process is not something that happens just at the end of manufacturing.

Banjo works with vendors and employees to provide checks throughout the process.

  • Material inspections before they arrive at the shop floor
  • Finished goods inspections at several points
  • Isolation of potential issues and appropriate countermeasures
  • Monthly operational improvement opportunities discussions
  • Technical specialists in-house

IDEX acquired Banjo in 2006 to add their complementary expertise to their global industrial fluid solutions. Today, the company takes pride in a three day or less turnaround for manufacturing.

Easy To Find Banjo Products

If you're looking for information about Banjo valves and other Banjo products for ag sprayers and irrigation then you're in the right place. We stock only the best and most frequently used items for quick rural delivery.

We carry a huge range of Banjo valves, fittings, and pumps for all your fluid-handling needs. Beyond Banjo products we stock some of the biggest names including Greenleaf, FlowZone, and more for liquid flow and control.

Our specialists created some great buyers' guides and other content to help you choose the right equipment. Feel free to take a look around. If you have any questions please get in touch. Our experts are ready to help!