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How To Choose Your Next Sprayer Pump

How To Choose Your Next Sprayer Pump

Dec 9th 2020

Sprayers get a lot of use in the agricultural industry. They can provide numerous benefits for everyone, no matter what size business, farm, or home you’re using them in. While sprayer pumps can be extremely useful, finding the right one can be somewhat difficult to do. Which model do you go with for your specific needs? What size ag sprayer do you need for your set up? There are many questions and not nearly enough answers sometimes. In today’s blog, Barndoor Ag, the providers of the best ag equipment online, will be going over some tips you can use to help choose the perfect ag sprayer pump for you.

Diaphragm Pumps

A spray pump that can be used in many different aspects across the farming and agricultural industry, diaphragm pumps tend to provide high pressure with low volume. Because their flow rates don’t vary much, diaphragm pumps are considered positive displacement pumps. Able to handle low to high viscosities and liquids with large solid contents, it’s no wonder why so many experts in the agricultural and farming industries choose these pumps. Perfect for both agriculture and livestock. They can also be used for boom spraying if you don’t require a lot of volume on the areas you’re spraying.

Centrifugal Pumps

Perfect for boom spraying and spot spraying, centrifugal pumps are a great addition to any business or farm that needs a reliable sprayer pump. Used mainly for pumping thinner liquids, such as water, oils, and solvents, these pumps can be used in industrial, agricultural, and even domestic applications. Centrifugal pumps give mid-range pressure and volume to provide consistent output during application when using a boom. Spot spraying provides consistent coverage as well as a good flow. With numerous designs, there’s most likely a centrifugal pump that’s suitable for just about any application that needs to move low viscosity fluids.

Electric Pumps

Available in several different volumes and varieties, electric pumps are perfect for boom spraying and spot spraying. Usually ranging anywhere between 2 - 10 gallon capacities, these pumps are quiet and don’t put off any fumes during application. When used in boom spraying, these pumps provide excellent pressure and flow rates for small to medium sized booms. For spot spraying applications, electric sprayer pumps provide great pressure and coverage capabilities with an easy to use set up. Perfect for small to medium sized farms, ag businesses, or home gardens, these compact sprayer pumps can help you get the job done.

Roller Pumps

Offering high pressure and lower volume, roller pumps are great to use with many different kinds of liquids. Roller pumps use four to eight rollers that revolve around the inside of the pump housing in order to force a liquid or solutions of a nozzle or sprayers. Easily adaptable to PTO and gas engine drives, roller pumps can even be attached to tractors in order to be used in boom spraying applications. Roller pumps can also be used in spot spraying to help you get hard to reach areas on tall trees, bushes, and plants. When you need a strong and versatile sprayer pump, then a roller pump is the perfect solution for you.

Transfer Pumps

As you may be able to guess from their names alone, transfer pumps are used to move a certain type of liquid from one place to another. There are many types of transfer pumps, including water transfer pumps and fuel transfer pumps that specialize in a certain type of liquid or solution. These pumps work to create pressure that pushes the liquid through the pump and then out of an attached hose. Most are used by submerging the pump directly into the liquid in order to move it out of a certain container or area and into a new one. These pumps can be used in numerous applications, such as tanks, reservoirs, dams, and even to move water out of a flooded basement.

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