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Lucas Oil Additives

Lucas Oil Additives

Sep 5th 2023

The hydrocarbons in motor oil products are what cushion components of your engine. If the oil wasn't there, the components would wear each other away as they grind against each other. It's amazing that such a useful material just came up out of the ground for us to utilize.

However, oil isn't perfect. Its viscosity (how well it flows) can go down and up as the temperature falls and rises. Thus, when it's cold, oil can gum up your motor rather than help it run.

Lucas Oil additives can help fix this problem. Read on to learn more.

What Are Engine Oil Additives?

Engine oil additives are mixtures of chemicals made to improve the performance of oil products. All oil product manufacturers use these in their products. The same "base oil" can be added to different additive mixtures to create different products.

However, not all oil additives are used exclusively by manufacturers. Many companies sell oil additive products that consumers can use. Lucas Oil is one such company.

What Are Lucas Oil Additives?

A Lucas Oil additive (also often called a Lucas Oil stabilizer) is a 100% petroleum oil product meant to boost an oil product's performance. It stabilizes an oil's viscosity as well as its pressure. It also helps control enLucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, 1 Quartgine leaks and noise. Plus, almost any type of oil can get the Lucas Oil treatment. These oil stabilizers can mix with petroleum oil just as well as they can with synthetic oil.

Are Oil Additives For New Vehicles?

Some vehicle owners may believe Lucas Oil products are only for older tractors, hay balers, etc., but they're not. Yes, Lucas Oil additives can boost the power of older engines, but they can also help preserve new engines.

The sooner you use Lucas Oil products on your farm vehicles, the longer they last. So you may want to use Lucas Oil additives as soon as you start your new vehicle up. However, many vehicle owners prefer to add oil stabilizers once the engine has broken in a little.

When to Use Oil Stabilizers

In addition, you don't have to wait for the cold to pour your oil stabilizers in. You can, but it's best to add Lucas Oil stabilizers with every oil change. Oil viscosity can still shift as the hydrocarbons in motor oil break down.

You don't need to overdo it, though. Your oil tank should still be mostly full of regular oil products. Around a quart or slightly more of Lucas Oil per oil change will be enough.

Try Our Lucas Oil Products

Keep your engine preserved and your oil flowing smoothly with Lucas Oil additives. Both old and new farm vehicles alike can benefit.

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