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Shurflo Pumps: Why Every RV Owner Needs One

Shurflo Pumps: Why Every RV Owner Needs One

Nov 14th 2018

There's nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere to discover your RV's water pump isn't working properly. The water pressure may be low or it may not be flowing whatsoever.

We all need our RV's water pump to stay clean and hydrated. We expect a consistent source of water, protection from the elements, and a warm bed to sleep on.

We want to enjoy the outdoors without the inconvenience. We want to be able to shower, use the restroom, and wash dishes all in the comfort of our RV.

And a faulty water pump could even end your well-planned trip. No one wants to turn around after traveling to reach their final destination.

Read on to learn why every RV owner needs a Shurflo Pump!

Why Every RV Owner Needs a Shurflo Pump

Shurflo pumps are dependable making them a great option to secure your water supply. Shurflo pumps have been in circulation since the 1970's and are able to compete in a competitive market since. Shurflo improved its technology and features over the years to create a viable product.

1. Dependability

Shurflo pumps can endure heavy use and abuse making them a smart option for RV's. They are designed with minimal space between moving parts to reduce friction and damage.

RV's owners don't always know what type of road conditions to expect. But, you can rest easy knowing that a Shurflo pump can take the bumps in the road. They can last a long time and function even when damaged.

Each Shurflo pumps comes with a guaranteed two-year warranty and a built-in check valve to make sure its functions at its best. The built-in check valve also prevents potential damage from reverse water flow or high pressures from city water hook-ups.

Shurflo pumps can also run dry without being damaged. This lengthens your pumps lifespan and allows for mistakes to happen without damage.

2. Low Power Needs

Amp service or a generator is needed for every RV to function properly. A Shurflo pump uses less energy to operate. A Shurflo pump only uses 7.5 amps to function at a performance standard.

This low amp draw makes a Shurflo water pump a great option for use in campsites and the great outdoors.

3. Cost

Shurflo pumps are competitively priced, but also affordable. When you purchase a Shurflo pump, you are investing in its longevity and standard of operation. Currently, the going price for these pumps is around $60.

Some RV water pumps may be cheaper, but you get what you buy. So don't be surprised if a cheaper option lets you down!

When you purchase a Shurflo, you are purchasing quality and longevity. Sure, there are many water pumps for $20 or less, but these models could break down leaving you to purchase another one sooner than you'd like.

4. Easy Use and Installation

Shurflo pumps can be mounted in any position. This makes the flexible, especially in tight spaces. So, even if you have a smaller RV you can expect a Shurflo pump to not cramp your space.

You can also install a Shurflo pump without straining a muscle! Its lightweight design allows for easy installation and less strain.

Shurflo pumps also are designed with self-priming abilities, which takes the guesswork out of operation. This also makes hooking up to a water source located many feet under the ground a stress-free event.

5. Safety

When you're on the road, preparation and safety are key. The last thing you want to worry about is your water pump. Especially, when safety concerns like traffic, locking up the vehicle, and weather are higher priorities.

Some Shurflo models can produce water fit for human consumption. Models with the NSF-certified label produce drinking water and for food preparation. This is achieved by leaving out chemicals which contaminate the water supply.

Shurflo models designed with thermal heat protection in mind keeps its motor safe from overheating. This perk can ease your mind knowing that built-in protection is present.

6. Less Noise

RV components can make a lot of noise. Humming from electrical components, traffic noise, and the generator all affect your quality of sleep. Outdoor noises such as howling coyotes and birds add to the noise level, too!

But with a Shurflo pump, you can worry about one less noise factor.

Shurflo pumps make sure to reduce noise using Flow Reaction Technology. This feature reduces pump cycling and vibrations which reduces noise. Shurflo pumps offer users minimal to no noise allowing for a good night's sleep.

So, no need to worry about the pump turning itself on and off obnoxiously. And, without the extra vibrations, you'll be able to jam to your travel playlist with ease!

Ready to Buy A Shurflo Pump?

Shurflo pumps are dependable, easy-to-use, and safe. They allow us to receive the luxury experience of an RV we invest in. Don't get on the road without a Shurflo.

Before purchasing a Shurflo pump, check with your RV's user manual to see which water pumps work in your RV. Note the "PSI" and "GPM" figures provided in order to make the right choice. RV's pumps typically operate on a 12V system but make sure to consult your owner's manual to verify.

For a water pump you can count on, visit our website to purchase a Shurflo pump today!

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