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Spray Tips and Nozzles for Agricultural Care

Spray Tips and Nozzles for Agricultural Care

Posted by Hoth on Mar 5th 2018

In the United States, spring often marks the beginning of the growing season. Throughout the country, farmers and everyday gardeners alike are planning their crops. In addition to seeds and bulbs, supporting products like agricultural spray tips and nozzles are seeing high demand.

Today, let's take a closer look at these accessories and what they're used for. Ready to learn more? Let's go!

Why Now's the Time to Purchase Agriculture Supplies

In the United States, major crops like corn are planted toward the end of March and beginning of April.

The key is to watch the weather and pick a time when the temperatures will likely remain stable. The ground must be thawed from winter, so growers tend to wait until the threat of another cold snap is gone.

However, if you wait too long, you may cut your growing season short. Plants might not be major when it's time to harvest if they are planted too late.

For this reason, growers must prepare for planting in the weeks before it's time to do so. This means figuring out what supplies you need, and where you can purchase them.

Take into account how much ground you'll be covering. Also, consider how much care each plant requires. Different crops have different needs when it comes to water, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.

Figure out all of these details before it's time to plant. It's busy season for agricultural suppliers, so it's best to put in your orders early.

The Products Every Grower Needs

Whether you're an established farmer or small-scale hobbyist, there are a few tools all growers need.

For example, the right vehicles will make a big difference. A pick-up truck will allow you to easily transport bulk items like seed, grain, feed, fertilizer, and livestock.

An ATV will also allow you to transport heavy items and help you zip across harsh terrain.

Agricultural sprayers are another piece of equipment that will make life easier. To keep plants healthy, they need regular nutrition. Fertilizer sprayers can take manure and other nutritional aids and spread them across the field.

Similarly, pesticide sprayers can treat plants to prevent insects from eating leaves crops. With a large plot of land, it can be difficult to apply mixtures to each individual plant. Using a sprayer allows you to cover more ground quickly.

To support these spraying activities, you need the right spray tips and nozzles.

Finding the Right Spray Tips and Nozzles for Pesticides and Fertilizers

A fertilizer or pesticide sprayer won't be as effective without the right spray tips and nozzles.

Spray tips and nozzles direct the flow of material/liquid. They can create a fine spray to lightly coat plants, a wide spray to cover more area, or a targeted spray for specific applications.

For Targeted Spraying Areas

To target specific plants and ground, you want spray tips and nozzles that produce large droplets for less drift. This will ensure that fertilizers and pesticides are getting where they need to go. You will have more control and reduce waste.

An Air Induction Flat Spray Tip Nozzle is a good option to provide uniform coverage and reduce drift.

These spray nozzles are ideal for various herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

The Hypro Boom X Tender Spray Nozzle is also ideal for targeted spraying. This is a boomless spray nozzle, which means it can get around obstacles better than boom-mounted varieties.

For locations where utility poles, trees, and fences are an issue, this spray nozzle can get around them.

For this reason, it's commonly used for orchards, vineyards, forestry, and golf course spraying.

For Dense Foliage

Spraying fertilizer and pesticides won't do any good if it doesn't get where it's needed.

Certain plants have larger, dense leaves and other vegetation to get through. A large droplet might not make it through to the soil.

The Teejet TwinJet Twin Flat Spray Tip was designed to cut through dense crops. Smaller droplets have better distribution. This provides more thorough coverage.

For Heavy Duty Spraying

For larger farms that cover more acreage, a heavy duty spraying system is needed. While the right spray tips and nozzles are still important, you need a larger system to support them.

A multi-nozzle boom kit will contain multiple spray tips and nozzles along a fold-out boom. The boom can be mounted to your truck or ATV. This helps you deliver more spray over a larger area in less time.

For pastures and large food plots, it's essential to have an even spray across the entire location. Getting more done at once will save a lot of time and ensure full coverage.

And because it comes as a kit, you won't have to worry about finding the right nozzles for your boom. It's all together in one purchase. This is an added convenience.

Other Considerations When Choosing Spray Tips

In addition to the job your sprayers will be doing, there are other factors when choosing spray tips and nozzles.

For example, you'll need to know the required application rate in gallons per acre (GPA). This is determined by table regulations, field conditions, and water supply.

You should also be familiar with the spray width (w). The type of nozzle you select - broadcast, band, or direct - will determine the spray width.

There is some math involved when choosing the right option, too. To make the best selection, you need to compute the flow rate in gallons per mile (gpm). This formula will help you do that: gpm=(gpa x mph x w)/5,940. The mph is the speed you expect to travel in miles per hour. Check your ATV and truck to find a good number.

Where to Purchase Sprayer Supplies

Once you determine with spray tips and nozzles you need, look for a reputable supplier.

Ideally, you want a company that sells all of your supporting equipment. This will ensure that each product will work well with the rest.

You also want an expert who knows what types of products meet different needs. A trusted adviser can help you find solutions that improve your crop yield and make life easier.

Lastly, purchasing all of your products in one place can come with certain rewards.

We have a loyalty program in place that allows you to earn rewards. When you're buying something you needed anyway, you might as well earn something for it! Create an account and start shopping today!