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The Best Agricultural Spray Equipment of 2019

The Best Agricultural Spray Equipment of 2019

Oct 22nd 2019

The Best Agricultural Spray Equipment of 2019

Farmers who want to use agricultural spray equipment need to know which ones are best. In today's world, farming is a sophisticated endeavor.

To farm successfully you need to be part engineer, part farmer, have some technical abilities. What’s more, you need to be precise about it all.

Agricultural spray equipment needs systems that generate pressure which drives spray fluid out of a tank into the sprayer nozzle. Once the spray fluid is in the nozzle it can easily go to crop or soil. The trick to finding good agricultural spray equipment is understanding their specifications.

Farm Equipment

In 2019, the beginning, middle, and end of successful farming revolve around two things, the equipment the farmer uses and the weather. Having the right agricultural equipment makes all the difference in your day-to-day operations.

Your farm equipment helps your farm operate effectively and efficiently.

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what farm equipment is essential and what is too big or small for the tasks you need them for. There is some equipment that's good to have no matter how big or small your farm.

Common Farm Equipment

The most frequently used farm equipment is:

  • Tractor (Compact or Regular)
  • Tractor attachments or implements - this includes mowers, loaders, tillers, etc.
  • Harvesting equipment which can average 150 acres per day if needed
  • Truck - this is a work vehicle that can handle light or heavy loads
  • All your livestock equipment and supplies - food, fencing, shelter, etc.
  • Your tools - tools range from shovels to circular saws

Agricultural sprayers are also considered essential to have on your farm equipment inventory list.

Agricultural Spray Equipment

Agricultural spray equipment comes with a range of specifications which lets you know what their abilities are.

But you need to understand the sprayer models characteristics to determine if it can do the job you need it to do. You have ten common sprayers under the agricultural umbrella of sprayer solutions.


These common sprayer types are:

  1. Spot
  2. ATV
  3. UTV
  4. 3 point hitch
  5. Boom
  6. Boomless
  7. Backpack
  8. Tow Behind
  9. Truck Bed
  10. Mist

If that's not enough of a selection, each one of the above sprayers offers varying degrees of nozzle quantities, PSI pressure, and flow rates. The sprayers also offer varying tank gallon volumes, maximum spray abilities, and maneuverability.

The sprayer's use on farms is for when you need to water your crops, use insecticides or pesticides, fertilize the fields, and more.

Breaking Down Agricultural Spray Equipment

The right agricultural sprayer can help you make more money by taking control of your farm's needs. Farming today uses equipment which has the precision of tomorrow.

Robotics and trends in farming of the future allow for easier methods to farm today with trend-worthy equipment to assist.

The continuous progression holds for spray equipment too. You will find below targeted and specific information about some of the trend-setting agricultural sprayers.

#1 Spot Sprayers

Spot sprayers are mobile and excellent for low capacity areas.

If you need to repeat spray areas that aren't close together, spot sprayers may be what you need to use. Most spot sprayers hold up to 25 gallons and have a 12V electric diaphragm pump for flow rates.

They also have 30-foot hoses which can reach to the targeted area.

#2 ATV Sprayers

ATV sprayers are for off-road and tough terrain to get to. ATV sprayers are known for their ability to be quickly attached to ATV body frames.

The ATV sprayer is considered a high transport spraying system best suited for distant targeted and repeat spray areas. This sprayer also holds up to 25-gallon spray tanks and a 15-foot hose. What's more, it can be fitted with or without booms.

#3 UTV Sprayers

UTV sprayers are almost identical to ATV sprayers. The UTV is also used for off-road mobility and is quickly attached. The UTV sprayer is used for all the same tasks the ATV sprayer performs with one difference.

The UTV sprayer has an additional focus on the farm's pest control, irrigation, and fertilization duties. The UTV sprayer has a tank capacity of up to 200 gallons, and it's 12V electric diaphragm pump increases the GPM and PSI rates.

This sprayer can also be fitted with or without booms for area coverage.

#4 Three-Point Hitch

The three-point hitch sprayers have a hitch attachment mechanism with a handgun nozzle and boom arms. It is considered a full equipment system and is often fitted on utility tractors. Farmers use it most for crop spraying, targeted area spraying, and landscape application needs.

The three-point sprayer holds up to 200 gallons and allows for personal pump installation if needed for the work task.

#5 Boom Sprayer

The boom sprayer incorporates multiple nozzles. The multiple nozzles give you the most area of any other sprayer most of the time. The boom sprayer is used a lot to win bulk land plots.

This may include pastures, multi-acre crop farms, etc. The boom sprayer has arms that attach to your tractor or truck. The arms can reach up to 30 feet.

Boom sprayers are not considered full equipment systems, but they do have a tank, pump and all the plumbing components you need to drive and spray.

#6 Boomless Sprayer

Boomless sprayers once mounted provide high and long distances with a swath-projection spray.

They are used often in hard to reach areas, and they are usually mounted on tractors, ATV's, trucks, etc. They are unique in that they can be integrated into a 3-point hitch, tow behind or ATV/UTV system.

The boomless sprayer has a nozzle quantity set range from 1 to 5. The range feature gives the sprayer a tracked target it can reach. The boomless sprayer has a range of up to 30 feet.

#7 Backpack

The agricultural backpack sprayers have a small capacity, and they are designed just like a school backpack. You carry backpacks through their shoulder straps, and they offer personal mobility.

If you have a small area that needs spraying the backpacks are perfect for fence lines, any foliage areas, a small personal garden, etc.

#8 Tow Behind

The tow-behind trailer sprayers are fitted to a hitch type pull system. Vehicles they hitch to range from tractors to trucks. The tow-behind trailer sprayers are mobile and self-contained.

They are used often in many property functions on a farm.

You can use the to behinds for watering to crop spraying of herbicides. The tow-behind hose is 50 feet so you can keep walking and spraying in a targeted area.

The tow-behind sprayer holds up to 100 gallons.

#9 Truck Bed

Truck bed sprayers are a full operating spraying system. They are one of the oldest forms of agricultural spraying equipment for farms. The truck bed sprayer is mobile and delivers high pressure.

The truck bed sprayer is often used for fires, emergency response, pests, and more on commercial and individually owned farms.

Truck bed sprayers are great for vineyards, big farms, orchards, etc.

They can hold up to 400 gallons and have a reach of 300 feet with their hoses. The truck bed sprayer also has forklift channels to help offset the truck's weight.

#10 - Mist Sprayer

The mist sprayer gives you uniformity for both distribution and coverage. These sprayers are very effective due to their cannon volutes which have a 201-degree rotation left and right.

This means the spray goes where it is required.

The 25-gallon mist sprayer can spray up to 15 acres at a time.

There are other models for the mist sprayer which includes a 40-gallon with a UTV integration and a 60-gallon with a 3-point hitch integration. The mist sprayer's best use is for shrubs, nuts, orchards, trees, and vine applications.

The Agricultural Sprayer Farming Future

Whether you realize it or not, agriculture impacts all of us in one way or the other.

The agricultural spray equipment you use is important.

If you are a consumer or grower, agriculture is a big part of your life. Every time you bite into a tomato, roast your corn on the cob, grow a garden or eat a BLT, farming has touched your life.

When you want better results with positive crop yields, check out some of our deals and get the equipment you need.