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The Farmer's Shopping List: 8 Must-Have Items From Your Farm Supply Store

The Farmer's Shopping List: 8 Must-Have Items From Your Farm Supply Store

May 3rd 2019

Are you planning to put up your own farm? Apart from having the land, do you have all the tools in place and ready for use?

Farming continues to attract Americans to this very day. In fact, there are a growing number of young Americans who are leaving their jobs to go farming.

If you are a farming newbie, you need to make sure you have the right items to get the job done.

So before you head to the farm supply store, continue reading below and learn more about farming’s essential items.

The Essential 8: Farm Supply Must-Haves

Like a soldier going into battle, you need to arm yourself if you decide to enter the world of farming. Thankfully, farming tools are not that hard to find. But you need to ensure you have these eight farming items below.

1. Farm Jack

As you fix your farm’s layout, you will likely put fences for better zoning. Building fences require putting up T-posts. And sometimes, you realize you want to move the posts to a different area.

These posts are hard to pull out from the ground. Here is where a farm jack enters the picture.

A farm jack allows you to pull out posts and lift things that you cannot with your bare hands. They also allow you to squeeze and push objects with ease.

When things get really serious, you can hook the jack farm under your truck’s bumper. Thereafter, the jack farm doubles as a come-along to pull ultra-heavy farm equipment.

2. Chain

Another essential is a chain. There are several uses for the chain other than connecting it to your farm jack for pulling stuff.

You can use chains to secure loads on your trailer. You can use it to lift heavy items. You can bind things that a rope cannot support.

When selecting chains, go for a high-grade 3/8” type. This is the size of a chain that people use on logging equipment and on 18-wheeler trucks. This type of chain can absorb extensive abuse.

Don’t forget to invest in attachments. Get some hooks and shackles. These things serve as attachment points when securing ropes.

3. Chain Binder

Investing in a chain is incomplete if you don’t get a chain binder. This tool helps you tighten your chain firmly. This is perfect for tightening chains to attachment points or on a side rail.

This is one of the cheapest farm tools out there. You can get a brand new binder for under $20.

4. Tactical Flashlight

There are times when you need to check your farm late at night. Hence, you need to carry with you a tactical flashlight.

Tactical flashlights are what the law enforcement guys use while on duty. These things offer blinding light that is perfect under pitch-dark situations.

Another good thing about tactical flashlights is their size. They are easy to carry and sturdy. In fact, they can even double as a melee weapon.

If there is a downside to tactical flashlights, it is the price tag. Prepare to put out $120 to $140. Since you want to invest in a good one, pick something that emits 500 lumens or better.

5. Composter

If you wish to practice efficient farming, you need to consider composting. And if you will practice composting, you need to get a good composter.

Though you can DIY a composter, it is best if you get a commercial unit. For $25, you can find one that features a perforated polyethylene sheet. With the sheet, you can create a bin measuring 32 inches.

There are also the tumbling units that provide protection against rodents who may feast on your compost.

Don’t mind the money that you will spend. Composting will let you recoup your expenses. You don’t need to buy those expensive chemical fertilizers.

6. Electric Tools

As much as you want to keep your tools manual, investing in electric tools will make farming easier. There are two electric tools you need to get: an electric drill and a circular saw.

These tools are very versatile. You can use them in various projects that require cutting wood and drilling holes. If you are looking to improve your barn, you need to have these two by your side.

7. Adjustable Spray

When applying herbicides and pesticides, you need to have a sprayer ready. Go for an adjustable sprayer to turn the task into a breeze.

Go for one that allows you to switch between cone and stream spray patterns. Sprayers let you apply chemicals evenly. They also ensure that you don’t waste chemicals during the application.

Don’t forget to choose the right sprayer nozzles. Go for nozzles that match your requirements on pressure, size, and materials.

A flat fan nozzle is perfect for broadcast and band spraying. On the other hand, a cone nozzle yields a more direct spray. If you want something for spraying liquid fertilizers, go for a streaming or flood nozzle.

8. Scoop Shovel

Lastly, you need to invest in a scoop shovel. Typically, people use these shovels to remove snow during winter. But they are versatile enough for farm use.

They are strong enough to move heavy loose material. You can shovel up debris and topsoil without worrying if the handle will break.

Go for a plastic scoop shovel. It can withstand corrosives. It is also easier to maintain and disinfect.

Miscellaneous Items

Now there are also the miscellaneous tools that you should also consider. It doesn’t hurt if you carry with you a pocketknife for cutting small items.

You should also get a garden hose that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Make sure to go for one the longest and most durable ones available.

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