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What Benefits Do Ag Equipment Cameras Bring to Your Farm?

What Benefits Do Ag Equipment Cameras Bring to Your Farm?

Oct 1st 2018

What Benefits Do Ag Equipment Cameras Bring to Your Farm?

Even if you're running an average family farm, you're likely dealing with a site that's more than 230 acres.

When you're struggling to cover that much space, you need to have some ag equipment cameras to help you figure out what's going on. There are so many benefits to using equipment cameras that you probably haven't had the chance to consider yet.

Here is everything you need to know about equipment cameras.

Figure Out Which Type You Need

There are two main types of cameras that you can get for your farm. It's isn't so much of a matter of picking which one, as both bring major benefits to your farm. It's actually advisable that you deck out your farm with both types of cameras for the optimal coverage.

Get yourself an adequate amount of fixed cameras for your farm. Even if you just need the most rudimentary security system, having cameras to watch the perimeter of your farm will help you keep an eye on things. They can help during hectic times when you need to keep an eye on animals, equipment, and staff but can't be in three places at once.

When you choose mobile cameras, they'll be out and about on your site, mounted on machines or implements, letting you know what's happening by the minute. If you have bulky machinery that you need to keep an eye or what to know what work is being done during the day, they can be a huge help. Taking on major tasks is easier with mobile cameras.

Consider a mixture of the two types if you've got a big farm. Having at least a few ag equipment cameras can be useful for insurance and safety issues.

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What Machine Cameras Can Do

In recent years, machine cameras have been becoming more common on farms across the country. They bring serious benefits to farms that use large machinery and cover miles-wide sites.

They can help you by improving safety. Bulky machines can get big tree trunks and massive pieces of earth lodged in them. As they run, they'll be far less efficient because they won't be able to function with that obstruction.

Instead of finding out weeks later, find out the moment there's an issue.

You can also save time this way. Getting all around your site can take hours depending on how big your farm is. With a camera, you can make quick decisions with efficiency and precision.

You'll see on all sides of your bulky machines and know if you've got to prioritize other work given the conditions that you see.

Despite the price of the initial investment, buying mobile cameras can help you to save money. If you're able to do fewer trips back and forth to check in on conditions, you can save gas money. You can also see which parts of your machine are about to run down and can replace them before they cause a problem or result in efficiency losses.

Use Them All Season Long

Despite the fact that you might only think you need mobile ag cameras when you're in the busiest part of the season, you can actually make use of them all year long. They'll help you to save time and money all year long.

In the spring, your grain drill can have a camera mounted on it so that you can see the levels of your seed tanks. When you're keeping a watchful eye, you can ensure that your machines are planting seeds evenly. You won't have to take your eye off the road ahead with a monitor mounted by the cab.

In the summer, you can keep a camera on your bailer so that you can keep an eye on the machine as it collects bales. If you want to see that your silage trailers are getting filled the right way, you should put a camera on your forager. The more you can see, the better you can measure your efficiency.

You can even use them while you're spraying.

Fall harvest is a headache all around. With time being your biggest enemy, you can make life easier by putting a camera on your combine augur so that you can see that you harvest evenly. When your tractor driver is trying to ensure that you get a maximum fill, they need all the eyes they can get.

During the winter, you can put your camera on your forklift. While you're loading and unloading pallets, you can see in all directions to make sure you don't hurt any inventory. It'll make working in the warehouse easier for everyone and safer for your staff.

What The Latest Vision Works Models Bring

If you're still using cameras that are a few years old, it's probably time to upgrade. The latest ag equipment cameras offer a lot of features that weren't even possible a few years ago.

With the latest cameras, you can have wireless connectivity that can be sent over a 4G connection. You'll get great video quality and images with little to no delay. When you need to make split-second decisions, having a 10-second delay isn't feasible for most farms.

Also, so much of the technology is now easy to use, with plug-and-play user-friendly designs. Rather than having to take weeks to train staff, much of the equipment will feel intuitive.

Ag Equipment Cameras Can Lead To Easier Farming

As labor costs and the price of repairs skyrocket, ag equipment cameras can help you to work more efficiently with a smaller staff. When you know everything that's going on at your farm or agricultural site, you can make smarter decisions from moment to moment.

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