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What is the Best Modern Farming Equipment?

What is the Best Modern Farming Equipment?

Jan 29th 2020

What is the Best Modern Farming Equipment?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, only 41% of small farmers can turn a profit.

Today, the efficiency of the factory farm system puts pressure on traditional farmers to increase production while keeping prices low.

If your farm still doesn’t utilize modern farming equipment, then it’s not likely you will be able to compete with the larger corporations.

Luckily, in this article, we’ll walk you through some of the latest technological advances that make farming easier and more affordable.

Application Control System

Modern application control systems layout a full GPS grid of your farm and allow remote access of operations that would require significant manpower and coverage.

With application control systems you can control things like flow meters, fluid transfer systems, spray systems, valve control, NH3 applications, and direct injection systems.

This technology lets you control things like the amount of water and fertilizer that your plants receive. The more precise application helps you save resources and money.

234 collected studies have found that these precision agriculture technologies are successful 68% of the time. As such, they’re worth considering even if you own a smaller farm.

Camera Systems

Stolen crops and animals mean wasted money for small farmers. Many simply cannot afford to lose these profits, especially after they invest so much money and tech into them.

Luckily, modern farm security equipment can help keep them safe. If you live in an area that’s prone to animal predators or trespassers, then a good camera system can help you reinforce security.

Night vision tech will show you where the intruders are entering from. This knowledge can help you make security precautions in the future.

Moisture Testers

If you harvest things like grain, coffee, and corn, then moisture can potentially ruin an entire harvest's worth of crops. You must pay close attention, especially during dry or thunderstorm seasons.

Luckily moisture testers are a portable solution that allows you to test the moisture levels of your grain.

Many of them also come with scaling and sorting capabilities. These testers may not seem like much, but they can tell the exact right time to harvest your crops if you pay close attention.

Weather and Wind Meters

The weather and wind play a direct role in when you should harvest your crops. High winds can blow away or damage crops, while too much humidity can increase moisture levels.

Luckily portable wind and weather meters can provide you with accurate readouts with the click of a button.

The standard meter will tell you things like wind speed, wind direction, humidity levels, temperature and heat stress levels. As such, it’s indispensable to farmers who live in climates that can change at the drop of a hat.


Almost 90% of water consumption in most western states is used for agricultural usage. While a productive irrigation system can help reduce this number, it isn’t going down anytime fast.

However, the solution may lie in a new soil additive. While some may be wary of soil additives, mOasis positions itself a safer and more helpful alternative.

Farmers can add non-toxic gel to their soil which makes any planted seeds need less water. How does it work? Essentially the gel allows the plant to hold additional water in its root system.

This water is then released later on in the plant's life cycles. Not only does the product reduce the amount of money spent on water, it also improves the overall yield for each harvest.

Farmobile PUC

Many farms have lots of usable data they can use, but no meaning system for collecting it. If they do collect it, then the data usually comes in unreadable spreadsheets that present no new information.

The new hardware plugin Farmobile PUC aims to fix that problem. The company is positioning its product as the “Fitbit” of farm equipment.

The device plugs directly into farm equipment and transmits all the collected data to a secure server for easy-to-view access.

The product presents the information in readable graphs and real-time updates. This information can help inform a farmer about their harvest and watering metrics.

Farmer’s Business Network

One thing that can kill small farmers is the lack of industry data. While it may not technically be equipment, it’s important to start considering software programs in a farmer’s arsenal of tools.

More often than not the information gained by these software programs can mean the difference between success and failure. Farmer’s Business Network is a solution to this problem.

The independent network of farmers and researchers works to combine data.

The company provides unbiased information on yields, soil quality, seed types, and supply prices to thousands of farms that manage over 8 million acres of land.

This new service offers transparency that’s often missing for small independent farmers.

Farmers Should Pay Attention to Modern Equipment and Trends

While it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest modern farming equipment for your business, it’s also vital to know the current trends.

For example, a millennial workforce means more young people are entering the farming industry hungry for streamlined tech.

Also, new eating trends toward fake or cultured meat are affecting the sale of traditionally farmed animals. Precision technology is also reducing the need for large workforces.

Sensor and control systems are popular, but some larger farms are even utilizing things like unmanned vehicles and drones. Make sure you stay up-to-date in the full list of modern farming trends.

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