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Why Do You Need Weed Wipers?

Why Do You Need Weed Wipers?

Oct 5th 2018

Why Do You Need Weed Wipers?

It's certainly no secret that proper crop management and weed control are among the biggest concerns of today's farmers.

No matter the kind of crops that you're growing, or even the sorts of pesky weeds that you're dealing with, it's hard to strike the right balance between effectively getting rid of weeds and avoiding causing damage to the crops growing around them.

So, what's the solution?

We think weed wipers are exactly what you've been looking for.

But what are the benefits of making weed wipers a part of your weed control strategy?

How do they work, and which ones are the most likely to benefit your farm?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

The Benefits of Weed Wipers

Before we speak more about the specific weed wipers that you should consider investing in, let's first talk about what makes weed wipers such an effective form of weed control.

As a farmer, you know that the weather has a huge impact on the kind of crop management strategies that you may be able to take. For example, if it's a day with high winds?

You know that you're likely not going to be able to spray your pasture with weed killers or even fertilizer using a traditional sprayer.

You may also want to avoid using a spray because weed-killing chemicals can often end up taking healthy crops and plants down with them if applied incorrectly.

Plus, you also know that some herbicides, depending on the ingredients that they contain, can harm the environment if they're sprayed on a crop in an ineffective manner.

Using a weed wiper helps you to cut down on the costs associated with taking care of your land and applying herbicide.

Especially when you're trying to get a handle on pasture weeds, you know that there's a pretty significant height difference between these weeds and the plants that you're trying to grow.

Weed wipers allow you to effectively select the level of herbicide application to weeds. For example, when using a weed wiper, it's much easier to target taller grasses and weeds, meaning that your plants closer to the ground will stay safe.

Weed wipers allow for an exact application of herbicide to the weed alone. They don't spray your soil, the crop itself, and the surrounding plants in the process. This means that, even if it's a bit windier than normal outside, you'll still be able to use your weed wiper.

How Weed Wipers Work

There are countless benefits of using weed wipers as a method of weed management on your farm.

However, we understand that you also want to know a bit more about how exactly weed wipers work.

First of all, we love that you are able to choose the specific kind of herbicide that you plan to use on your crops. This is because that herbicide is applied directly to a sponge or other absorbent material on the weed wiper itself.

This means that the sponge will be able to target taller weeds. Though sprayers are incredibly effective, sprayers can allow pesticides to leak down into your crops.

Because the sponge only touches the weeds themselves, wiping over them, everything else that you have planted will be safe. Thanks to the absorbency of the sponge, you also won't need to worry about any chemicals dropping down onto your crops.

You can easily adjust the height of your weed wipers. These tools can also work well with a wide variety of ATV models, front bucket models, and even pull type models. It's also an effective form of weed control management for those farmers who have row crops on their land.

In short, it's a incredibly safe, versatile, and effective weed management tool.

What Makes Smucker Weed Wipers Effective

Now that you understand the benefits of weed wipers, as well as a bit more about how they work, let's talk about the brands that you can rely on to properly get the job done.

We strongly advise you to invest in Smucker Weed Wipers for your farm. This brand specifically works to ensure that you are able to get enough herbicide on the weeds you're trying to target.

The sponges made by Smucker are actually designed to put more of the herbicide on the weeds themselves. You'll also be able to choose from a wide variety of mounting options.

The sponge kits directly attach to the sprayer boom, which means that they even work on uneven ground and fields needing high clearance.

Additionally, several of the Smucker models also offer flexible mounting options, which means that they are also effective when used on weed patches.

Looking for Additional Weed Management Products and Advice?

We hope that this post has helped you to better understand why weed wipers are such an effective form of weed management for your pasture and farm as a whole.

Remember that the Smucker Weed Wipers come in a wide variety of models, clearance ranges, and much more. They are especially effective within fields needing a large amount of coverage, that also have a need for high clearance.

Looking for additional information and advice about how to keep weeds and other pests under control when it comes to your land?

Make sure that you browse through not only our products, but also our blog as a whole, to learn more about how to protect your farm and your crops.