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Why Lucas Oil Is Your Best Choice

Why Lucas Oil Is Your Best Choice

Jan 7th 2020

Why Lucas Oil Is Your Best Choice

If you drive in a heavy-duty or high-performance industry, or if you're a major motorsports fan, then you've probably heard of Lucas Oil products. Lucas Oil is the best multi-use, pure petroleum supplement to help your truck, tractor, or other heavy-duty vehicle engine run longer and smoother.

If you're debating using an oil stabilizer, here are several convincing reasons why Lucas Oil is the best choice for your vehicle.

What Is Lucas Oil?

As mentioned, Lucas Oil is formulated with 100% petroleum. It works to help lessen friction, wear, and heat inside your engine. Lucas Oil also helps prevent dry starts on your engine.

It is an upper cylinder fuel lubricant that works with both diesel and gasoline.

Farmers and gardeners have especially unique requirements for their vehicles. Which is why they shouldn't do without the unique enhancements Lucas Oil provides to regular oil products.

Lucas Oil Products

Benefits of Using Lucas Oil for Your Engine

One of the most beneficial aspects of using Lucas Oil is that it helps to increase your truck or tractor's oil life by up to 50%.

This means you need less oil, less often, as "a little bit goes a long way," or at least much farther than it would without an oil supplement.

In fact, Lucas Oil boasts the ability to increase your driving distance an extra half mile for every gallon. Over time, this additional distance adds up, saving your wallet and your vehicle.

By adding Lucas Oil to your supply of oil, your motor oil will be more lubricated and they won't need to operate at the same high temperature as they normally would.

If you need to stop a leak, you can even use Lucas Oil in your gear oil. This will also enhance and lengthen the life of your gear oil.

Lucas Oil will also raise your oil pressure and increase your engine power. Because of this, your vehicle can obtain more miles per gallon. This enhancement means fewer dollars spent on fuel in the long run.

Not to mention, less money spent on oil changes as the life of your oil is extended greatly.

Lucas Oil also offers a power-steering stop-leak product. This special product is designed to alleviate maintenance issues with pinion and rack steering mechanisms.

You can even purchase Lucas Oil Transmission Fix. Needless to say, the uses for Lucas Oil and Lucas products are many.

How to Use Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil is pure petroleum. Because of this, it's easily able to safely blend with any auto lubricants. Even synthetic lubricants, mineral oil, and ATF are safe to combine with Lucas Oil.

Adding Lucas Oil to your oil will prevent an older engine from dying and new engines from becoming old. Motorsport enthusiasts and drivers are known to use Lucas Oil.

Lucas Oil products can be purchased as heavy-duty truck oil, hydraulics, 2 cycle oil, fuel treatments, and much more. This means whatever your needs are, there's likely a Lucas Oil product that will suit your vehicle.

History of Lucas Oil

Founded in 1989, Forrest and Charlotte Lucas wanted to create a product that would enhance the life of car oil. This they did, as it also boasts the greatest variety of formulations in the United States.

Lucas Oil sells around 270 formulas in nearly 40 different countries. To say these products are widely used and trusted is a major understatement. For 20 years, Lucas Oil products have been developed, tested, and loved by drivers the world over.

If you're going to trust your vehicle's performance and longevity to any oil brand, this is a safe bet. There are two large Lucas Oil plants based in the United States.

Lucas Oil's popularity among high-performance drivers and industry leaders has enabled Lucas Oil Products Inc. to become a major sponsor of motorsports like NASCAR.

Lucas Oil even sponsors the popular motorsports network MAVTV. All of this is a testament to the superiority of the products and the high demand for them.

Is Lucas Oil Right for Me?

If you're an automotive novice and you're not sure whether Lucas Oil would really work for your vehicle, ask a professional.

Considering all the benefits of Lucas Oil products, you may want to consult with your mechanic and see if one or more Lucas Oil products could extend the life and performance of your truck, tractor, or car.

Farmers and gardeners may find the appeal of Lucas Oil especially tempting, as farming equipment is large and costly to maintain.

Purchasing Lucas Oil to help keep your vehicles in top condition will save you far more in the long-run than having to pay for costly maintenance and repairs down the road.

If you don't feel like asking your mechanic about whether Lucas Oil is right for your vehicle, then simply read up on the various products and related benefits offered. You can also check your glove box for the owner's manual.

Your vehicle owner's manual will indicate whether a synthetic oil like Lucas Oil is good for your car. Most newer models and high-end vehicles recommend at least some kind of synthetic blend because of the benefits to your car's health.

Cost of Lucas Oil

Let's be honest: the cost of Lucas Oil and other top-of-the-line synthetic blends is not cheap. But the truth is, you get what you pay for when it comes to vehicle parts and maintenance.

Lucas Oil may be more costly upfront, but as we mentioned, the investment will save you down the road. As any mechanic, car-owner, or dad will tell you, preventing vehicle problems from the start is much wiser than paying for repairs later.

Browse our Lucas Oil products to compare costs with standard, run-of-the-mill oils.