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Your Guide to Banjo Valves and Fittings

Your Guide to Banjo Valves and Fittings

Aug 19th 2022

By 2027 the global irrigation market is projected to be worth roughly $9.18 billion. This increase in market growth has helped manufacturers to create better equipment for irrigation systems, but when it comes to banjo valves and banjo fittings, why are they considered to be such an important part of the irrigation system?

An irrigation system is a crucial part of any farm and outdoor area, but it's important to know how it works and how you can benefit from it. Two of the best tools that you can use for irrigation systems are banjo valves and fittings.

The good news is that at Barndoor we have covered what you need to know about banjo valves and fittings.

So if you would like to learn more about the importance of banjo valves and fittings then keep reading.

The Importance of Banjo Valves

We appreciate that many people aren't familiar with banjo valves and they may be wondering what are banjo valves. So before we get into all of the benefits that banjo valves can offer, let's first cover exactly what they do.

There are a few key roles that banjo valves play in the irrigation system.

The banjo valve is the device that is used to control the flow of water or air from the pipe system. This is done by using a ball-shaped disc.

A hole within the ball-shaped disk opens up to allow the flow of water or air to pass through it.

To open the banjo valve, all you have to do is turn the handle and this should let the water flow out. When the valve is directly in line with the handle then the hole should be fully open.

The hole can also be adjusted to let a certain amount of air or water through at one time. Of course, this is all controlled by the person who is turning the handle.

It is worth noting that there are multiple different types of banjo valves including four and six-bolt designs. Each of these designs has features including 3-way options, ANSI, full or standard ports, and stubby.

All of these features play a different role and offer different benefits. If you would like to get some banjo valves for yourself then you can buy banjo valves here.

Benefits of Banjo Valves

Banjo valves offer lots of great benefits which is one of the reasons why they are so popular. We have covered some of the top benefits below.

Superior Features

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using banjo valves is that they offer unique features. This is because of the way that the valves are built and who the valves are built by.

Banjo valves have some enhanced characteristics that other valves do not have. This includes things like valve resist chemicals, reinforced polypropylene fittings, and corrosion. These features give the valve an overall better performance and they are better at allowing water to pass through.

More Resistant

Another thing that makes banjo valves better than other valves is that they last longer. This is because banjo valves have features in them that are more resistant to impact meaning that they can take a lot more impact before they become damaged.

As well as this, they can withstand temperature stress which again makes them much more durable. Also, they are rigid and lightweight meaning that they are more efficient than most other valves.

Not only this but they do not absorb moisture and they resist cracking. Overall, these resistant features protect the valves from outer elements and increase their life span.

The Importance of Fittings

One other important part of the irrigation system is fittings. They have a very straightforward job, but without them, the irrigation system would not work properly.

Fittings are used to help guide your irrigation pipe around your garden or open area and avoid any obstacles. Unfortunately, not everyone's open garden space is straightforward.

Many open areas have obstacles in them and this can prevent people from using the piping that they need to so that they can channel and control their water flow around the garden.

When fittings aren't in place this can often mean that water doesn't flow in the proper direction as there isn't anything to guide them around obstacles.

There are multiple different types of fittings and each of them can be used for different scenarios.

Benefits of Fittings

Fittings have their own set of benefits which is why they are used so commonly within gardens. We have covered some of the top benefits of fittings below.

They Allow Water to Follow

One of the biggest benefits of fittings is that they allow water to flow even in difficult areas. This can help if you have an outdoor area that is full of obstacles and requires a more complicated route for the water to flow.

Maintain Water Pressure

Another benefit of irrigation fittings is that they can help to maintain water pressure. This is because the pipes can often become more vulnerable to bursting when they have to go around obstacles and the water pressure is high, however, banjo pipes can help to maintain water pressure.

Banjo Valves and Fittings Can Help With Your Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system and you find yourself in need of some high-quality components then you should consider getting banjo valves and fittings to help you. At Barndoor, we have lots of different products that you can use for your irrigation system.

To get started looking at the products that we have on offer, simply view our pipe fitting options here.