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Bug Ball Gnat Ball Starter Kit | 1015GB

2.00 LBS
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Bug Ball 1015GB Brochure:
1015GB Brochure

Bug Ball Gnat Ball Starter Kit| 1015GB

The Gnat Ball is designed to catch and hold onto pesky insects that never seem to leave us alone! Gnats flies, No-see-ums, Whiteflies, and many more insects are on the shortlist of insects that the Gnat Ball is most effective at eliminating. Every Gnat Ball is created from heavy-duty-weather resistant-yellow PVC and formed into a ball with the signature molded loop on the top and an inflation port on the side. The molded loop on the top of the Gnat Ball allows you to hang the device from a tree, pole, shepherd's hook, or wherever you see fit. To ensure maximum effectiveness suspend the ball approximately 4-5 ft off the ground—the Gnat Ball works best with Catch EM’ sticky coating. Catch Em' is an odorless Eco- Green bug killer with NO pesticides or electricity needed to kill those irritating insects. It takes an average of 2-3 Gnat Balls to cover 0.5 acres effectively.

Now that is how you solve a Gnat Problem!


  • (3) Gnat Balls, (1) 8 oz Dip Brush Can, (3) Inflation Needles
  • Easy and Convenient to Set Up and Use
  • Made from Heavy Duty Weather Resistant Yellow PVC
  • This Odorless and Environmentally-Green Adhesive is Safe to Use Around Kids, Pets, and Livestock
  • Gnat Ball Need To Knows
  • For Best Results use 2-3 Gnat Balls per 0.5 Acre
  • Available with a Convenient 10 oz Aerosol for Quick and Mess-Free Application (Sold Separate)
  • Also available with an 8 oz brush on can for best results! (Included)
  • Re-apply Catch Em' every 2-3 weeks for best results




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