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John Blue Standard Liquid Blockage Monitor System, 8 Row Planter Kit | BM-08PL

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John Blue BM-08PL Product Manual:
BM-08PL Product Manual
John Blue BM-08PL Brochure:
BM-08PL Brochure

John Blue Standard Liquid Blockage Monitor System, 8 Row Planter Kit | BM-08PL

Now you can know your liquid application flow from the cab of your tractor. Identify which row is being under-applied before your yields are diminished costing valuable time and money. Our patented system shows you both low-flow and no-flow problems now, which means you can correct it immediately. No more second guessing if any of your delivery lines are plugged!


  • Control panel with mount bracket
  • Input harness
  • 28' Extension harness
  • Tee harness
  • 2 Standard sensor kits
  • 2 Terminator plugs
  • 2 15' Extension harnesses


  • Uses magnetic sensing technology mounted behind the VisaGage II Flow Monitors 
  • Sensors can be mounted to existing VisaGage II units; new magnetic balls are supplied with sensors 
  • Only LBMS (Liquid Blockage Monitor System) shows both low-flow and no-flow. The Premium System also displays high flow for broken lines and the app can be run in the background.
  • See a visual display and hear an audible alarm on the control panel right from your tractor cab. 
  • Can be used with cloudy or dark liquids - LED is visible to the sides of the column 
  • Each row with a distribution problem with be highlighted by a flashing LED light at the row. No need to remember or search for which row is blocked after you come to a stop.
  • The alarm will reset automatically when the blockage has been corrected. Also have the ability to “Pause” the system to capture problem rows for investigation later when you are able to stop.
  • LBMS iPad App is free and available from the Apple App Store. 

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