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CopperheadAg Mudsmith 2.5" Spoked Kits | MDSHK-25

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CopperheadAg Mudsmith 2.5" Spoked Kits | MDSHK-25

The MudSmith Gauge Wheel utilizes a patent protected open rim design. This open rim design reduces mud and debris buildup while being extremely durable. The modular construction allows every part to be field replaceable. MudSmith Hardware Kits includes everything necessary to convert old gauge wheels to MudSmith’s open rim design. The Cast Iron Bearing Hub eliminates wheel wobble and cuts down on time spent changing bearings, in one complete, durable housing.

MudSmith Gauge Wheels utilize a 3 Spoke Open Rim design which reduces buildup of mud and debris. 

**Gauge Wheel Hardware Kits do not have rubber so that if the customer wants to use existing rubber, the kit can be fixed to them.**


  • 3 spoke open rim design
  • Modular design
  • Cast iron bearing hub


  • Reduces buildup of mud and debris
  • Field replaceable
  • Cast iron bearing hub eliminates wheel wobble and cuts down on time spent changing bearings
  • Eliminate mud build up on planter gauge wheels
  • Improve planting depth by eliminating mud build up
  • Designed not to restrict mud flow


MudSmith Gauge Wheel Hardware is compatible with all makes and models of air seeders, disc drills, and planters that accept 2.5″ gauge wheels.