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FlowZone 18-Inch Stainless Steel Misting Wand | FZRABS

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SMRABS Warranty

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FlowZone 18-Inch Stainless Steel Misting Wand | FZRABS/SMRABS

  • Introducing a better way to water, fertilize, care for your lawn, control weeds, apply chemicals, clean exteriors, remove snow & ice and so much more! FlowZone is a better way to spray.
  • The spray wands attach directly to the nozzles and add an additional 17.5" of spraying distance to your FlowZone model. The base of the spray wand is easy to twist, giving you 360° of control over where you spray.
  • Using our nozzles is safe and easy, a safety bar on the trigger prevents unwanted spraying and there's no backflow with our on/off switch.

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