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GreenLeaf String Wing Bucket Mount | SWBM

5.00 LBS
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GreenLeaf String Wing Bucket Mount | SWBM

Looking for a bucket mount to attach your string wing to your tractor or other vehicle? Check out this bucket mount by GreenLeaf.

  • This tractor equipment mount allows you to attach a string wing to your tractor or ATV.
  • This bucket mount is designed with quality materials to uphold under continued use.

Utilizing a string wing allows you to evenly distribute fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals with ease. However, your string wing is only as good as the mount attaching it to your tractor. GreenLeaf has created this tractor mount to allow you to easily attach a string wing to any bucket. This piece of tractor equipment comes with free shipping and has been designed with high-quality materials, built to last.

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  • One bucket mount
  • Designed for tractor or other similar buckets
  • String wing sold separately