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Hiniker Nitro-Lert to Raven SCS 440,450 & 460 Adapter | 38818021

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38818021 Brochure
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38818021 Ordering Guide

Hiniker Nitro-Lert to Raven SCS 440,450 & 460 Adapter | 38818021

The Hiniker Nitro-Lert anhydrous ammonia knife monitor system alerts operators to individual blocked manifold outlets, lines or knives. In-line sensors for each outlet monitor for flow variations and alert the operator to potential problems.

These adapter cables connect the Nitro-Lert to a specific NH3 rate controller to sense when the master on/off valve or any section on/ off valve is switched on and off. (up to five sections) This cable adapter eliminates the need for the tractor and applicator harness and the run/hold and section hold adapters. 


  •  Adapter cable Nitro-Lert to Raven SCS 440,450&460 (16 pin Amp CPC connector)

Typical problems identified by Nitro-Lert users include:

  • Nitro-Lert detected a plugged knife that occurred when the operator turned off the flow to one section of the applicator. When the section was turned back on, one of the knives had plugged with dirt, blocking flow and triggering a Nitro-Lert notification.
  • Broken knives. Nitro-Lert detected a variation in flow through the broken knife and alerted the operator to the problem.
  • Nitro-Lert detected partial blockage caused by welding slag that was left in the knife tubes during the manufacturing process.

With a Nitro-Lert system you'll detect problems as they occur, while they can be corrected!