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Hypro Guardian Air Twin - Blue | GAT110-03

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Hypro GAT110-03 Product Documentation:
GAT110-03 Product Documentation

Hypro Guardian Air Twin GAT110 - Blue

Produces the smallest air-included droplets* for more drops per litre and the best possible spray coverage from an air-induction nozzle Two 110° flat fan sprays directed at 30° inclines, one forward and the other backward Improves coverage on upright targets and soil clods 30° incline helps penetrate spray into denser crop or weed canopies. The twin outlet orifices of GuardianAIR™ Twin are similar in size to those in a single flat fan nozzle of the same colour, so they are no more susceptible to blockage 50-75% drift reduction at lower pressures Classified to LERAP 2 and JKI 50% drift reduction level New style integral FastCap™ twists smoothly onto standard EF3 nozzle holders including Hypro’s ProFlo™, Arag and Teejet Dust is sealed out by the locking ring to reduce contamination when removing the nozzle from the sprayer Compact design to reduce the risk of impact damage