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Hypro Repair Kit for 6 Roller Pump | 3430-0380

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Hypro Roller Pump Repair Manual:
Hypro Roller Pump Repair Kit Instructions - 6500, 7560, and 7700:
Repair Kit Instructions
Hypro 6500 Series Roller Pump Parts Breakdown:
Parts Breakdown
Hypro Roller Pump Accessories Guide:

Hypro Repair Kit for 6 Roller Pump | 3430-0380

If you have noticed a slow decline in the performance of your Hypro 6500 Roller Pump, it may be time to replace the rollers. This kit includes the most common wearing parts for your Hypro Roller Pump. If after rebuilding the pump you still have pressure problems, it may be your pressure regulator. Pressure follows the path of least resistance, so when your regulator (or relief valve) is weak, all the liquid will return to your tank instead spraying out of your nozzles or gun.

Easy to install and will dramatically improve the performance of your Hypro 6500 Roller Pump. Hypro has a part number for this repair kit of 3430-0380, we switched it to our kit number but it is the exact same repair kit.

This kit will work in the following models:

  • 6500C
  • 6500C-R
  • 6500N
  • 6500XL

Hypro 6500 Pump Repair Kit 3430-0380 includes:

  • 6 x 1005-0004 Super Rollers
  • 2 x 2107-0002 Viton shaft seals
  • 1 x 1720-0008 O-ring gasket