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Kinze Crowder Brush | GA11935

5.00 LBS
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Kinze Crowder Brush | GA11935

We focus on results, ideas and innovation for your operation. Throughout the years, we have listened and responded to the needs of farmers. Today, no other company provides more options and configurations to match your farm’s needs. Choose the planter and options that best fit your operation.

Kinze crowder brush part # GA11935 is used on the following models:

3000 Series Planters:

Kinze 3000 (EdgeVac Metering) Pull Type Planter Serial 643873 and on M0208
Kinze 3110 (EdgeVac Metering) 3 Point Mounted Planter Serial 603507 and on M0183
Kinze 3110 3 Point Mounted Planter 2013-14 Production M0244-02
Kinze 3140 (EdgeVac Metering) Stack-Fold Planter Serial 603536 and on M0184
Kinze 3140 Stack-Fold Planter 2013-14 Production M0245-02
Kinze 3200 Wing Fold Planter (EdgeVac Metering Serial 680671-2014 Production) (Mechanical Serial 680370-2014 Production) M0241-02
Kinze 3400 (EdgeVac Metering) Twin-Line Planter Serial 625094 and on M0209
Kinze 3600 (EdgeVac Metering) Twin-Line Planter Serial 619549-621833 M0200
Kinze 3600 (EdgeVac Metering) Twin-Line Planter Serial 621834 and on M0224
Kinze 3600 Twin-Line Planter (12R30in & 16R30in Y & T Hitch Conventional & ASD, 2011-14 Production) (16R7.5in Twin Row Y Hitch, 2013-14 Production) M0236-02
Kinze 3600TR (EdgeVac Metering) Twin-Line Planter Serial 620614 and on M0211
Kinze 3600V (EdgeVac Metering) Twin-Line Planter Serial 621654 and on PM0213
Kinze 3650, 3650 SDS (EdgeVac Metering) Twin-Line Planter Serial 655602 and on M0186
Kinze 3660 Twin-Line Planter 2009-14 Production M0217-02
Kinze 3700 Front Folding Planter 2010-14 Production M0233-02
Kinze 3700, 3700 SDS (EdgeVac Metering) Front Folding Planter Serial 750816 and on M0202
Kinze 3800 Forward Folding Planter 2010 Production and on M0235-02
Kinze 3800, 3800 SDS (EdgeVac Metering with Hydraulic Drive) Serial 755299 and on M0220
Kinze 3800, 3800 SDS (EdgeVac Metering) Forward Folding Planter Serial 755045-755214 and on M0207
Kinze 3800, 3800 SDS (EdgeVac Metering) Forward Folding Planter Serial 755215-755330 M0215
Kinze 3800, 3800 SDS (EdgeVac Metering) Forward Folding Planter Serial 755331 and on M0230