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Micro-Trak Astro 5 with 4-pin DICKEY-john PACKARD | 01429

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Micro-Trak 01429 Brochure:
01429 Brochure

Micro-Trak Astro 5 with 4-pin DICKEY-john PACKARD | 01429

A highly accurate and affordable replacement for magnetic wheel speed sensors or radar guns. Connects with ease to most brands of monitors and controllers.

  • Boost productivity and efficiency by putting powerful GPS technology to work for you
  • Flexible mounting options and compact size make the Astro™ a clear choice; easily transfer it from one vehicle to another
  • Rugged design consistently performs in tough field conditions; unaffected by dust, vibration, and changes in crop canopy

Output Signal:

  • 50% duty cycle square wave proportional to vehicle speed
  • Selectable output rate - 46.56 or 10.1149 Hz/Mile/Hour
  • Maximum speed output - 750 mph

Typical Startup Times

  • Sky search to acquire almanac - 5 minutes (Re-initialization)
  • Cold start - 2.5 minutes (Known almanac - re-acquire position, time, and satellite data.
  • Warm start - 30 seconds (Known almanac, position, and time data - re-acquire satellite data.


  • Console Type: DICKEY-john PACKARD
  • Connector Type: WP Shroud 4-Pin