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Micro-Trak FM10-100 Flowmeter Kit | 01578-P

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Micro-Trak 01578-P Brochure:
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Micro-Trak FM10-100 Flowmeter Kit | 01578-P

Our flowmeters have been design engineered to provide accurate and reliable flow measurement, ensuring that farmers have control over their fluid management processes. Whether it’s monitoring liquid fertilizers, chemicals, or manure, our flowmeters deliver unparalleled performance and peace-of-mind. Our turbine flowmeters combine fast, accurate flow readings with rugged, dependable quality. Unique two-direction flow design — simply flip the flowmeter around to double its working life — flow measurements are very accurate from either direction. (Does not apply to FM2000 and FM3000). Micro-Trak understands that every agricultural operation is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of flowmeter options. Our flowmeters are available in ranges from 0.08 gpm to an impressive 528 gpm to fit any need on the farm.


  • Connect our wide range of flowmeters to any major brand control system to enjoy superior performance and maximum accuracy.
  • Bi-Directional Flow - a smart investment for your equipment budget. By flipping the flowmeter every year or two, you double their lifespan.
  • Work with confidence as a Micro-Trak flowmeter precisely monitors flow of valuable liquids and NH3.
  • An ideal choice for liquid application; several stainless-steel models are also NH3 compatible.
  • Micro-Trak flowmeters are available in two connection options: threaded or flanged. This versatility allows for easy integration into existing setups, providing flexibility and convenience.


  • Model: FM10-100
  • Fluid Connection: M200 Flange
  • Flow Rate: 10 - 100 GPM
  • Pressure Rating:  225 psi
  • Wire Connection: 3-Pin Conxall
  • Style: Turbine
  • Warranty: 3 Year

Raven Cross Reference Model# 063-0173-578  RFM 100 (5-100 GPM Poly) M200 Flanged