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Precision Agriculture


Technology is constantly evolving, and its applications encompass many areas. It has made great strides in making our lives easier, whether it be driving or communicating, but agriculture might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Precision agricultural systems have optimized the farming practice, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. Although it’s not surprising to see technology make waves in the labor-intensive world of farming, it’s surprising to see its rapid growth. Essentially, precision agriculture is defined as the use of technology to obtain more accurate information about the growth of crops and livestock.

Precision farming equipment can range from TeeJet & Raven Precision GPS guidance, wind meters, ag camera systems, grain equipment, software, and much more. These technological advancements in precision farming tools greatly benefit the farming industry since accessing this data allows for this industry to thrive in terms of profitability and efficiency. It does not stop there, though. Precision agricultural products are still growing, and, in the near future, technology and agriculture will be fully integrated.