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Precision Lab Gundown Elite Antifoaming and Defoaming Agent Quart | 739-QT

1.50 LBS
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Precision Laboratories 739-QT Product Label:
739-QT Product Label
Precision Laboratories 739-QT Safety Data Sheet:
739-QT Safety Data Sheet
Precision Laboratories 739-QT Performance Data Sheet:
739-QT Performance Data Sheet

Precision Lab Gundown Elite Antifoaming and Defoaming Agent | 739-QT


Gundown Elite outperforms ordinary defoamers by delivering superior foam suppression under agitation as well as quick defoaming performance. Gundown Elite’s unique blend of formulation aids and emulsifiers mixes quickly in cold water temperatures and is effective in both fertilizer and water-based applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior foam suppression
    • Less foam build-up during sprayer filling and operation
    • Less risk of pump cavitation while spraying
  • Faster defoaming technology
    • Works in seconds to save time and money
  • Compatible and effective in the widest range of tank mixes
    • Excellent defoaming with Liberty®, Enlist™ Duo and RoundUp PowerMax®
    • Superior performance in UAN fertilizer applications
  • Easy to use and store
    • Concentrated formulation works at low use rates
    • Disperses quickly, even at cold temperatures
    • Stable freeze/thaw formulation requires no special storage

Use with Pesticides Registered for:

  • Agricultural
  • Forestry
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Non-Cropland 
  • Ornamental
  • Rights-of-way
  • Turf and other appropriate uses
  • NOTE: Not for Aquatic Use

Directions for Use:
GUNDOWN ELITE's powerful formulation can be used as either an antifoam or defoamer

  • Antifoam: Use GUNDOWN ELITE to prevent foam formation by adding it to the spray solution first, while agitating, and before adding pesticides.
  • General Defoamer:Use GUNDOWN ELITE as a general defoamer by adding it to the spray solution during agitation while foam formation is active.

Use Rates:

  • Antifoam: Use 1-2 ounces of Gundown Elite per 100 gallons of solution
  • General Defoamer: Use 2-4 ounces of Gundown Elite per 100 gallons of solution

In the absence of specific mixing instructions found on the pesticide label, fill the spray tank with at least 50% of the desired finished carrier volume. When premixing in a mixing vessel or inductor, fill with at least 20% of the desired finished carrier volume. While the carrier is agitating,  add tank mix ingredients in the following order:

  1. Compatibility agent and/or antifoam, if needed
  2. AMS, dry formulations (WP, DF, WDG, SP), and dry drift retardants
  3. Dry soluble and suspension fertilizers / micronutrients.
  4. Liquid drift retardants and flowable formulations (F & FL)
  5. Liquid concentrates, suspension concentrates, microencapsulated and capsule suspension (LC, SC, ME, CS)
  6. Emulsifiable concentrates (E, EL or EC)
  7. Solutions and soluble liquids (S or SL)
  8. Liquid micronutrients and fertilizers
  9. Water conditioners and other adjuvants (COC, HSOC, MSO, NIS)
  10. Finish filling to desired spray volume level and continue agitation

See Label for complete application instructions.

Environmental Hazards:
Do not apply directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present, or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Do not contaminate water when cleaning equipment or disposing of equipment wash waters.


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