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RWWP Generation 2 Whitetail Soybean | 50# Bag

50.00 LBS
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GEN 2 WHITETAIL SOY 50# Planting Instructions:

Real World Wildlife Product Generation 2 Whitetail Soybean | 50# Bag

Real World Soybeans 50LB = 1 Acre

RWWP Generation 2 Whitetail Soybeans
Many experienced land managers consider soybeans to be the best crop to grow in their plots. Soybeans can provide a high quality food source to the deer on your property for the majority of the year. Deer will start browsing on soybeans as soon as they germinate and continue feeding on them through the entire growing season. Once the soybean plants have matured, deer will feed off the soybean grain inside the pods.

Forage Soybeans? Dare to Compare! 

All soybeans are not the same however. Forage soybeans have been hyped as something special for deer plots, but testing has proven that forage soybeans do not have the same level of protein and other key nutrients as Real World soybeans. This has been shown in multiple side-by-side tests where tissue samples were analyzed at independent labs. Furthermore, forage soybeans do not have the grain production of Real World soybeans; in fact, forage soybeans have a longer growing season and in some areas they will not even mature and produce any grain at all.
If you are planting forage soybeans in your food plots we challenge you to buy 1 bag of Real World soybeans and plant them side-by-side. There is no better way to see first-hand which soybean is best on your property. Don’t you really want to be planting the best? Dare to Compare!
Picture below: Real World Wildlife Products dealer Rueben Ropp of Ropp's Fur Buying in Jamesport, Missouri sent this photo of a Real World soybean plant that he randomly pulled from one of his plots. Rueben reports the plants were “shoulder high” and this particular plant has 560 bean pods!
Real World's new “Generation-2” soybeans is a blend of 4 different soybean varieties with maturities ranging from 4.0 to 5.4 and are better for wildlife food plots than other soybeans for these reasons:
  • They produce a tremendous amount of forage and grain to feed your deer throughout the entire hunting season. Forage soybeans often die and provide nothing after the first frost.
  • They are shatter resistant, meaning the soybean grain will stay within the pods where deer can readily consume it.
  • They are higher in oil content than most other soybean varieties. High-oil soybeans are more attractive to hungry whitetails and provide higher levels of important nutrients.


Real World's Generation-2 soybeans are available in the “regular blend” at this time. We still sell the same great northern variety that we have in the past for customers in more northern regions. Consult the map on this page to see which blend is best suited for your area. 


Real World soybeans are also “glyphosate tolerant”, meaning that you can spray glyphosate herbicide right over the top of your soybean plots to keep them weed free. Glyphosate is an easy-to-acquire, over-the-counter herbicide that will kill weeds but not harm your Real World soybean plants.



Planting Date – Plant soybeans after the soil temperature has reached 60-degrees. Planting too early can result in poor germination rates and planting too late will have a negative impact on forage and grain production. For most of the country the ideal planting time will be during the month of May through June. If farmers in your area plant soybeans watch when they are planting their fields and plant your plots a week or two later. This will encourage the local deer to start feeding in the farmers soybean fields first and better allow your smaller soybean plots to become established without excessive deer browsing pressure.

Site Prep – Start by spraying your soybean plots in the spring to kill any vegetation. When it is time to plant prepare a good seedbed by disking or tilling the ground so that it is primarily free of bigger dirt-clods. The soil does not need to be worked into a power-fine consistency but just free of large clods.

Planting – Soybeans are very easy to grow and can be planted several ways. The goal is to get the seed covered with about 1-inch of soil. If you have a planter or grain-drill, that is fantastic. If not, you can broadcast the soybean seed and then cover it by dragging the plot or disking it very lightly. Make sure the seed is not more than 1 ½ inches deep. If some of the seed is exposed on top of the ground, it can still grow as long as it gets adequate moisture.

Maintenance – Once your soybeans are planted the only thing you will need to do is spray your plot for weeds. Real World soybeans are “glyphosate tolerant”, meaning glyphosate herbicide will not kill them. You can buy glyphosate without a special license at most farm and home stores.

As your soybeans germinate a lot of weeds will also be germinating in your plot. Allow the weeds to get about 6” tall and then spray the entire plot with glyphosate. This will kill the weeds and yet not harm the soybean plants. In most cases a single spraying is all that is needed but sometimes a second spraying may be warranted.

Notes – Soybeans have a unique ability to grow within the space they are provided. If your soybean stand is sparse, each plant will have more room to bush-out and grow taller. If the plants are crowded they will not get as tall and produce as much grain per plant.

You can add to the drawing power of your soybean plot by over-seeding Real Worlds Plot Topper into the plot once the soybean plants start turning yellow. Do not try to over-seed in soybeans that are still green or germination rates will be very poor.

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