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Shield Ag Freezeless knife, 3/8" EVA, with 3/4" vapor tube | K-2TF/3/4DA

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Shield Ag Freezeless knife, 3/8" EVA, with 3/4" vapor tube | K-2TF/3/4DA

Shield “Freezeless” Knives

From the Toolbar to the Soil, Shield Ag manufactures a complete line of fertilizer application gear, conservation and primary tillage tools, and an extensive line of long-wear-life subsoiler, disc ripper, chisel, fertilizer knife, cultivator, planter and grain drill parts. 

Shield Freezeless - These knives are designed to help get rid of the freezing of knives in wet soil.  This style of knife is unique due to it has no 3/8” tube to attach your hose to. Your hose will feed through a slot in the knife and go directly down to the soil.


  • Freezeless Upright knife
  • 3/8" EVA
  • 3/4" Vapor Tube
  • 5160 Chromium-Manganese shanks -tough, hard to break
  • 26% chrome carbide wear surfaces for long life
  • Robotic welding for consistent durability and toughness

No steel tubes used. The ammonia transfer line from the splitter or divider (EVA or rubber hose) is used and ran through the “tube saver”. If crimped and drilled tube is desired there is an adapter available. If application calls for open end tubes - nothing more is required. There is no steel for the product to come in contact with, thus reducing heat transfer and the possibility of freeze-ups in wet conditions