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Spray Tips & Nozzles


Agricultural spray nozzles are the least-expensive components of sprayer systems, but have a high value in the overall performance of the sprayer. Barndoor Ag carries a wide selection of quality nozzles, including Greenleaf turbodrop nozzles and other greenleaf sprayer parts, Teejet spray tips, and Hypro agricultural spray tips.

Nozzle Selection

Correct nozzle selection takes into consideration three important components. First and foremost, the nozzle must allow for maximum efficacy of the product. Second, the design and use of the nozzle should minimize any risk of product drift. Third, the specifications of the nozzle must ensure compliance with all product label regulations regarding flow rate and drop size.

In very general terms, the following guidelines are effective in selecting the correct spray nozzle:

  1. Determine the required application rate in gallons per acre (gpa) based on table regulations, field conditions, and water supply.
  2. Designate a practical ground speed in miles per hour (mph).
  3. Calculate the spray width (w). The nature of the nozzle—broadcast, band, or direct—will direct the spray width.
  4. Compute the flow rate in gallons per mile (gpm). There is a simple formula for making this computation: gpm=(gpa x mph x w)/5,940. (5,940 is a constant that converts the combination of gpa, mph, and inches to gpm.)
  5. Select the nozzle that will give you the desired gpm and the pressure (psi) recommended by the label.

Barndoor Ag has just the nozzle you need to optimize chemical efficacy, minimize waste, reduce drift, provide excellent canopy coverage, and give excellent distribution over a wide range of pressures. Our team of experts will help you find the nozzle that will give you precise performance every time.