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Squibb Taylor 1-1/4" FNPT Flow-Max Safety Coupler FM126-1007 | 113029

6.00 LBS
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Squibb Taylor FM126-1007 Product Manual:
FM126-1007 Product Manual
Product Type:
Emergency Shutoff Valve
Product Type:
NH3 Breakaway Coupler

Squibb Taylor 1-1/4" FNPT Flow-Max Safety Coupler FM126-1007 | 113029 

Flo-Max and Flo-Max II feature “swing style” check valves that provide a wide open through bore in its operating position. The 1-1/4" FNPT size for flow hungry applications. The Flo-Max safety couplers are a unique pressure balanced safety device that provides nurse tank break-away protection for NH3 toolbars. The Flo-Max couplers are designed to safely disconnect the nurse tank hose from any tool bar in the event of a pull-away from the nurse tank, a nurse tank roll over, or any occurrence that would cause the nurse tank hose to become taut. When the Flo-Max Coupler disconnects, two check valves immediately close. The inlet check valve, located on the male half of the coupling, remains with the nurse tank hose and protects the nurse tank from releasing NH3 from all piping or vessels located on the tool bar. A minimal NH3 release
(between 100-150cc) occurs at separation due to trapped liquid between the two check valves. The stainless steel construction eliminates corrosion, which means replacement after 3 years is no longer necessary. The coupler mounts directly to your existing full swivel bracket with only 25-30 pounds of force required for mounting. The Flo-Max also features an internal pressure balanced design, so break-away separation force is unaffected by tank pressure. Depending on the NPT size of the R-B, the separation force required to activate the coupler is anywhere from 250-400 pounds of force. In addition, separation is unaffected by wind-blown dirt or grit. After a break-away, the Flo-Max is easily reconnected within minutes. Squibb-Taylor makes it easy to ensure safety and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Inlet: 1 1/4" FNPT
  • Outlet: 1 1/4" FNPT
  • 2- A1912
  • 1 - A1327

Parts & Accessories:

  • FM126 Female Half - 113047
  • FM126 Male Half - 113049
  • FM126 Male Plug - 119394
  • FM126 O-Ring & Tool Kit - 113044
  • FM126 O-Ring FM Male Tip - 119395
  • FM126 O-Ring Kit - 113046
  • FM126 Plunger Kit - 113041
  • FM126 Quad O-Ring - 113048
  • FM126 Retaining Ring - 113022
  • FM126 Safety Decal - 113013