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TeeJet AIC Air Induction Flat Spray Tips - Racing Green | AIC11015-VS

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AIC Air Induction

TeeJet AIC Air Induction Flat Spray Tips -  Racing Green | AIC11015-VS


  • Produces a 110º tapered edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast applications.
  • Available with a polymer insert holder with stainless steel (015-10 capacities), ceramic (025-05 capacities), or polymer (02-05 capacities) inserts.
  • Larger droplets for less drift.
  • Depending on the chemical, produces large air-filled drops through the use of a Venturi air aspirator.
  • AI TeeJet nozzle molded into Quick TeeJet cap provides automatic spray alignment.
  • Includes tightly fitting washer that stays put and assures a good seal.
  • Recommended pressure rating 30-115 psi (2-8 bar).


  • Very Good for Soil Applied Herbicides
  • Good for Post-Emergence Contact Herbicides
  • Excellent for Post-Emergence Systemic Herbicides
  • Good for Contact Fungicides
  • Excellent for Systemic Fungicides
  • Good for Contact Insecticides
  • Excellent for Systemic Insecticides
  • Excellent for Drift Management

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