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TeeJet Flow Regulator Orifice Plate | CP4916-89

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TeeJet Flow Regulator Orifice Plate | CP4916-89

Stainless Steel restriction orifice plate is a device used to restrict flow. It reduces flow and pressure from the upstream side to the downstream side. 

Note: Always insert orifice plate with side marked with number facing the outlet.

Orifice Plates Fit Gasket   CP-18999-EPR

  • CP4916-89 will allow water/chemical of .572 at 10 psi - 1.40 at 60 psi Gallons Per Minute
  • To determine GPM: GPA x MPH x W / 5940 (Example: 10 gallons per acre x 6 Miles Per Hour x 15" nozzle spacing equals 900 when divide 900 by 5940 gives you .16 gallons per minute)
  • W = Nozzle spacing (in inches) for broadcast spraying, Spray width (in inches) for single nozzle spraying, or Row spacing (in inches) divided by the number of nozzles per row for directed spraying



TeeJet Regulator Application Rate Chart