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Wilger Inline Manifold ORS 3 Outlet FKM | 20573-00

0.50 LBS
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Wilger 20573-00 Assembly Guide:
20573-00 Assembly Guide
Wilger 20573-00 Brochure:
20573-00 Brochure

Wilger Inline Manifold ORS 3 Outlet FKM | 20573-00

A new Wilger ORS manifold that will make it even easier and cost effective to setup and manage liquid applications.

O-Ring = FKM

PRO TIP: Planning your manifold plumbing
1. Depending on size of the manifold bank, plumb with a center-fed tee.
2. Limiting stacked flow indicators ensures more consistent ball levels & pressure.
[e.g. Using 5 flow columns on both sides of a tee can indicate more consistently than a bank of 10 consecutive flow indicators in a row.]
3. Using 1 flow column per outlet (opener/spray tip/row) will provide the most accurate depiction of flow.