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Wilger ORS Manual On/Off Check Valve, 4 PSI | 20551-P4

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 Wilger ORS Manual On/Off Check Valve, 4 PSI | 20551-P4

ORS Check Valves Bodies
ORS Check Valves Bodies with Combo-Jet® Cap Outlet
• The most compact and simple check valve setup for any liquid kit.
• Compact Integrated Check Valves that mount on any O-ring Seal Outlet. (e.g. all Flow View™ Flow Indicator Outlets, all ORS Manifold Outlets)
• Available in interchangeable shut-off module options 
•  4 PSI 

Ideal for liquid applications that do not require blockage indication.

Installation Tip: Lubrication When installing any ORS fittings, using a dab of liquid silicone on the o-ring(s) makes it easier to install.  This tip is useful for all ORS fittings, and not limited to the ORS check valve bodies