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Come Rain or Shine: 7 of the Best Agricultural Weather Stations in Review

Come Rain or Shine: 7 of the Best Agricultural Weather Stations in Review

Feb 8th 2019

7 of the Best Agricultural Weather Stations in Review

Your business and livelihood depend on getting your crops in tip-top shape for the market and to feed your family. However, the world sometimes seems to have other plans.

Those in the farming business know the importance of preparing for the weather and how much of an impact it has on total crop yield, health, and sales.

You deserve the best readings available to take the measures needed for the life of your crops. Whether it means getting in a full days work to prepare for the sun, or taking extra measures should a storm be brewing, there is a weather station that will provide the data.

Let's get into the stations that will provide you with up to date readings so you can know exactly what the environment over your farm is doing.

You know the importance of live up-to-date data can have and how it can change in a heartbeat. Don't let nature sneak up on you, and get tuned into the best weather stations on the market and take the preemptive measures you need.

Back Yard to Big Barn: The Importance of Weather Stations

It doesn't matter if you live in the rural countryside with 40 acres, or simply have a back yard plot in the city. The weather is still unmovable and will be the predominant factor in the growth of your crops.

The weather pattern over your little-raised beds will have much of the same impact that a weather pattern over a large ranch will have. However, there is a factor to consider when observing these different plots.

Often times, the rural lands can be much easier to watch. This means you could have a lot of time to tell when a storm is forming or on its way in. You might be able to see the formation happen, and give yourself ample time to prepare.

Proximity to the coast, mountains, and elevation all play a key factor as well.

However, that doesn't mean predicting the overhead condition of your 1/8th-acre urban plot has to be a guess. Though a small piece of the pie, it still is affected by whatever passes through.

And, while the news is a great tool for estimation, it does not offer the in-depth data needed to ensurethe state of upcoming weather. The health of your crops matter, no matter what size plot you have.

Let's get into the top seven weather stations you can own to be on top of any situation, for any growing scenario!

1. AcuRite Atlas

Let's start our list with one of the most feature-packed devices available to a farmer. This weather station is meant for the likes of larger scale farming and those that demand pinpoint accuracy across all fields.

Featuring a self-leveling bubble for installation,the Atlas covers it all, and you don't even need a single tool to install it.

The Atlas utilizes an app on your phone to give you up to date measurements of temperature within one-degree Fahrenheit, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, light intensity, UV index, and even lighting.

Rainfall is measured by cups that indicate each drop passing through the device, giving you an average rainfall for the area. The lighting option is detected by a separate internal unit.

A wireless range of 100 meters and data translation every 10 seconds makes this device great for every farm. The data is displayed on a TFT touch screen monitor that gives a daily high and low snapshot, historical records, SD card slot for logging data, and a programmable alarm for conditions.

Data is remotely accessible from the device via the cloud. This will be provided by an included smartphone app.

The weather reading components given by the AcuRite Atlas are cooled by an internal fan that is powered by a three integrated solar panel, face the device south to get proper sunlight to power this fan.

However, you will need to install four AA batteries, Energizer lithium preferred unless you opt for a cabled version attachment.

2. Ambient Weather WS-2902 Osprey

The next weather prophet on our list is one of the best deals on the market. The Osprey WS-2902 is a full featured weather station at a price point you'll appreciate.

Featuring WiFi remote monitoring, the Osprey updates the following every 60 seconds:

Wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV, solar radiation, barometric pressure, indoor/outdoor temperature, indoor humidity, dew point, heat index, and wind chill.

The indoor display is fairly large and straight forward with numbers galore.

The station is solar powered, with two AA batteries provided for back up power. Its construction looks much different from others, but the structure and material are very similar in makeup.

It is a great unit for the money and can be applied to farms and home gardens alike.

3. Davis Vantage Pro2

With a less than 1% failure rate, Davis gets the job done for time to come. Packed with an anemometer, rain collector, temperature, humidity, and solar irradiance sensors, the Vantage Pro2 is perfect for agricultural application.

Step it up with soil moisture content sensors and move your anemometer up to 40 feet away to gain supremely accurate readings crucial for your grow-op.

The options with Davis vary wildly and are some of the highest quality products you can get on the market today.

Paired with an in-home monitor, you get readings that are cellular based and alerts tailored for every and any type of condition and farming.

Davis is widely trusted and gives you the peace of mind to monitor whatever mother nature sends your way.

4. Davis Vantage Vue

The Vantage Vue is Davis's rugged, simplified unit. Measure wind speeds, direction, rainfall, temperature and humidity in this compact and cost-effective unit.

Like the other units from Davis, you can monitor anywhere, any time with the availability to connect to the great Davis monitoring products designed for families and farmers alike.

Solar powered, a 1000 foot reach, and updates every 2.5 seconds allow the Vue to give you everything you need in a weather station in any climate.

5. La Crosse Technology S88907

If you are looking to predict the when and where of weather near you with instant readings of current forecast, check out the S88907.

This might not be the most complex and full spectrum monitoring system, but it willprovide a back yard gardener with the data they need to keep things growing.

The La Crosse features a sensor you can place in your back yard to obtain readings of barometric pressure and make forecasts.

You get atomic self-adjusting time, indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, minimum and maximum temps, and dew point all in a beautifully displayed unit.

6. AcuRite 00589

This is a step above for personal weather monitoring. Great for an in-depth look at the weather for you small scale farming needs, the 00589 is a three in one wireless weather sensor.

With AcuRite's experience in weather monitoring, you get a condensed gem that offers temperature, humidity, and wind speed with an aerometer. Your display gives you up-to-date data and allows you to track weather history.

The 00589 is perfect for anyone taking a serious approach to urban and small scale farming.

7. AcuRite 01036M

Last but not least is another great product from AcuRite.

The 01036m is a five in one unit that takes the 00589 to two new levels, featuring an additional wind direction vane and rainfall unit that updates with a very similar AcuRite monitor system.

You get a perfectly mid-line product with great reliability at an unbeatable price. What's more is your ability to connect to a computer or smartphone to remotely view data.

You can set alarm as well for those pesky conditions that threaten your products.

Your Growing Demands

The choice is yours. Farming is a broad activity that takes many factors into account. Don't let the weather be a factor unknown.

While you may or may not need the best weather stations on the market for your products to reach their best for harvest, you have the ability to ensure every last detail of the weather and its effect on your crops is observed.

Don't let the weather sneak up on you, and stay up to date with great tips from our Barn Blog!