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Keep Your Yard & Landscape Healthy With These Tips

Keep Your Yard & Landscape Healthy With These Tips

Jan 15th 2018

No matter where you live, your home is meant to be a place where you can unwind, relax, and have a little fun with your family. It’s no wonder why so many people invest in quality gardening tools and supplies to keep their lawn, yard, and garden healthy all year round.

At Barndoor Ag, we understand how challenging it can be to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing an extensive array of agricultural supplies and gardening tools for our online customers. We want to become your go-to destination for high-quality sprayers, sprayer parts, and agricultural chemical applicators.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss some tips you should consider to keep your yard and landscape healthy and vibrant.

Tip #1: Eliminate Insects and Pests

Have you started to notice creepy crawlers across your lawn? Are spiders invading your beautiful bushes? Have you seen termites in your garden? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s important to eliminate these unwanted pests and insects right away. One of the best ways to control these pests is to identify them with the help of a pest control specialist. Whether you’ve started to notice brown spots on your lawn, dead or dying patches of grass, or bite marks on your lawn, insects are likely the cause of this damage. Let’s take a look at some popular pests you should be aware of in your lawn and landscape.

Grubs or Beetle Larvae

While there are plenty of lawn pests out there, grubs are very common across the United States. White grubs, also known as the phyllophaga species, are the larvae of a variety of scarab beetles. It isn’t until the midsummer that the adult beetles will start to mate and the female beetles will lay eggs in the soil. Once the grub eggs hatch within two weeks, the new grubs will start to feed on the grass as well. Most grub damage begins with the signs of wilted grass blades, which are often followed by brown turf patches.

Chinch Bug

The chinch bug has also been known to cause serious damage to lawns and landscape. These sap-sucking insects love to feed on grass, and they secrete an anticoagulant that can cause your grass to stop absorbing water. Chinch bugs are known to lay their eggs in grassy areas, and they can produce at least two generations of new bugs from spring to early fall. When the weather starts to cool, adult chinch bugs can often be found seeking shelter at the base of your grass stems.

Most chinch bug lawn damage occurs between June to September, when the bugs are actively feeding. If you start to notice parts of your lawn taking on a purple hue, you probably have a chinch bug infestation.

At Barndoor Ag, we understand how challenging it can be to rid your lawn and landscape of these pesky insects. That’s why we offer some of the best agricultural supplies, including pesticides and herbicides, to keep your lawn in good health all year long. Browse our online store today or contact our staff with any questions.

Tip #2: Frequently Water Your Plants

If you have new plants or flowers in your yard, make sure you are watering them on a regular basis. Most plants need at least a full growing season to properly extend their roots into the surrounding soil. During the warm summer months, make a point to water your plants every one to three days. If you notice that your plants have started to turn yellow or they appear to be in a permanent wilt, you may be watering them too much.

At Barndoor Ag, we carry an extensive selection of lawn and garden supplies to help you keep up with your watering needs. We also carry a wonderful selection of lawn tools and accessories to make your yard work even easier.

Tip #3: Pull Your Weeds

Contrary to popular belief, the weeds in your yard and landscape are not just prevalent during the spring and summer months. The term “weeds” is a blanket statement for everything growing in your lawn that isn’t the healthy green grass you want. If you fail to treat the weeds in your lawn or garden properly, they will likely continue to grow back. Weeds can be divided into three different groups: annual weeds, lawn weeds, and perennial and woody weeds. Let’s take a look at a few popular weeds you should be aware of below.

Fat Hen

The Fat Hen weed, also known as chenopodium album, is the fastest growing annual weed around. Recent research shows that a single Fat Hen weed plant can produce up to 20,000 seeds in a lifetime. What do these weeds look like, you ask? Young Fat Hen’s have bright green leaves, which tend to darken with age. They can grow to be anywhere between two and four feet tall with a vertical stem.


The Plantain weed, also known as plantogo major, is a common garden weed that is very popular in the UK. This weed tends to regrow very fast in the spring, right after your lawn has been moved. This weed is fairly easy to identify, and looks like a flat rosette of leaves with distinctive ribs. At Barndoor Ag, we offer a plethora of unique tools and herbicides to help you achieve the lawn, landscape, and garden of your dreams. Some of or most popular products include:

Greenleaf Weed Thief Handheld Wick Herbicide Applicator

If you’re tired of looking at those unsightly weeds in your yard or garden, you’ll love our Greenleaf Weed Thief Handheld Wick Herbicide Applicator. Perfect for experienced and novice gardeners alike, this applicator will clear your landscape of unwanted weeds, and will even rid your lawn of pesky dandelions. The easy-to-use handheld applicator lets you wipe herbicide directly on the leaves of your garden weeds without touching the other plants and flowers nearby. This also helps to eliminate the hazards of spray drift.

Workhorse 5 Gallon Rechargeable Spot Sprayer 

This spot sprayer and weed killer is a favorite among our online customers. The Workhorse 5 Gallon Rechargeable Spot Sprayer is the perfect gardening tool for home watering. Whether you need to water a small garden, specific flowers, or certain plants, you’ll love everything this sprayer has to offer. Equipped with a rechargeable battery operated pump, you can work quick and seamlessly around the garden.

Barndoor Ag: Your Partner in Agricultural Supplies

When it comes to maintaining a pest-free and healthy lawn, there are a variety of products on the market that can help. At Barndoor Ag, we’re passionate about providing our online customers with the best lawn tools and solutions available. We’re confident you’ll love what we have to offer.