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GreenLeaf Weed Thief Handheld Wick Herbicide Applicator | WT1

PRICE: $21.99
1.75 LBS
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Product Description

Weed Thief Handheld Wick Applicator

For home gardeners, GreenLeaf’s Weed Thief robs your garden of unwelcome weeds, cleans fence-rows and even rids your lawn of dandelions. The easy-to-use, economical handheld applicator lets you wipe herbicide directly and accurately on the leaves of your garden weeds without touching desirable plants nearby and eliminates the hazard of spray drift, even in windy conditions.

Whether you’re a ranch owner with a small field in need of weed control or a backyard gardener looking to knock down intruders in your vegetable garden, GreenLeaf, Inc.’s rope wick applicators give you convenient, economical weed control. Use in place of a sprayer for efficient and even delivery with less waste.

  • Robs garden of unwelcome weeds
  • Rids lawn of dandelions
  • Cleans fence rows
  • Kills weeds in row crops
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight 2 1/2 pounds when filled
  • Economical

Product Videos

Weed Thief HowTo 01:16

The Weed Thief by Green Leaf Inc is an ideal alternative to weed control. Perfect NO SPRAY applicator for using in your Gardens or Flower Beds. Just fill and wipe weeds away with no harmful overspray.

  • Weed Thief HowTo
    The Weed Thief by Green Leaf Inc is an ideal alternative to we...