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LevALERT Grain Gauges: Grain Bin Monitoring Equipment Designed for Safety & Efficiency

LevALERT Grain Gauges: Grain Bin Monitoring Equipment Designed for Safety & Efficiency

Jul 28th 2023

A grain bin (also known as a grain silo) is incredibly useful for storing and protecting grain. However, it can also be extremely dangerous for agricultural workers. If a worker jumps or falls into a grain bin, it takes 20 seconds for them to be engulfed and suffocated.

Experts have recorded more than 300 incidents like these over the past decade. Luckily, innovators have been creating ways to make grain bins safer.

The LevALERT Grain Gauge is one such safety tool. Read on to learn how this handy gadget makes grain monitoring easier.

Reasons For Entering a Grain Bin

Agricultural workers are taking several steps to make grain bins safer. However, the easiest way to avoid grain entrapment is to stay out of grain bins. If workers could get out of grain monitoring altogether, they'd save a lot of time.

Unfortunately, this is often not possible. Workers often have to enter grain bins to check bin levels. However, if there was a piece of farm equipment that could inform them of this detail, they could stay out of grain bins.

The LevALERT Grain Gauge is that piece of farm equipment.

What Does the LevALERT Do?

LevALERT 9700-7

LevALERT Grain Gauges are silo level sensors. That is, they can inform workers of a silo's grain level while the workers remain safely outside.

Workers only need to install a LevALERT outside the silo at the bin level they want. They can also install several of them at various levels. When the grain level reaches each device, its indicator will let the workers know.

How the LevALERT Indicator Works

When the grain reaches the LevALERT Indicator, its weight will push against an internal curtain. This will cause a colored tube in the device to rotate. The rotation will cause the tube to change color.

If the grain level is below the LevALERT device, the color tube will be black. After the grain level passes the device, the color tube will change to a bright yellow.

About the Yellow Color

The yellow color that you see in the color tube is made with a 3M brand lemon yellow reflective film. It is visible from 300 feet away in the daytime. Thus, workers should be able to see a yellow indicator when they're standing on the ground.

At night, workers can shine a flashlight on the film. The yellow film will shine bright when the light hits it. There's no reason, then, for workers to climb ladders and risk injuries from falling.

Get LevALERT Grain Gauges From Us

Now you see how well LevALERT Grain Gauges can protect workers from grain engulfment and other dangers. In addition, by eliminating the necessity for grain bin monitoring, these devices will also save workers a significant amount of time.

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